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A few years ago I would not think this is possible
Walking through the streets
of Tokyo Japan being able to do what I love.
Having the support I do.
Owning a successful established clothing company.
This is proof of what seems like an unrealistic goal is possible.
I'm no one special.
Just someone who put in the work
and made the sacrifices to make it happen.
This is it!
The freedom to be able to travel,
explore, and skate with friends while capturing it all working towards
working toward my goal everyday.
Tokyo is such a beautiful city.
The lifestyle, culture, people, architecture.
I love it all so much.
To be able to experience this all is unreal to me
I wanted to make this video
to show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it
I still remember that argument I had with my parents
about spontaneously deciding to leave my small town
to chase the dream out in LA.
I had no money,
no job,
and had just finished my first semester of college
but, I chose to chase my dream
I'm not gonna lie, the first two years were pretty rough!
not passing training on my first job,
Then deciding to bum it out, starve, and couch-surf.
So I could focus on my goal instead of working
not knowing anyone was scary
and things got rough
but I'm glad I chose to tough it out!
it was such an unhealthy lifestyle living off these 39 set burritos every day!
Even though those living conditions were harsh,
I was happy because I was doing what I wanted to do.
I had so much time to work with and I utilized every single day!
consistently networking and building up my own name.
after the first year passed
I got evicted from the place I was staying at due to unpaid bills because of some
lack of communication with my roommates.
The rent for that month wasn't returned
along with the $750 deposit
we were supposed to get back once the apartments lease was up.
keep in mind that was our last month of our lease.
so I was really relying on getting that money.
I just had a little over $40 to survive
and just like that
it was was either used the money to go back home
or sleep in my car for a bit till I found somewhere new.
I wasn't about to go back to Nevada as a failure
It was a scary moment but, luckily my good friend Lamont offered me
to stay at his place and work on YouTube with him.
so I did and the people I thought were closest to me
turned on me because of that.
At that point I honestly felt like I had no one.
I spent that next year working on the Lamonts Channel
as I worked on growing my own social media as well
along the way I met some close friends which you see in my videos today.
I was making a little bit of money through Lamonts channel
and through a small ongoing brand deal as well
just barely enough to pay for what it costed
to sleep on the couch in the living room
I was comfortable with that honestly!
until I got into a relationship. I remember how bad I felt about
my whole situation during that time period. It made me realize how broke I really was
and how I couldn't do anything because of it.
I was still sleeping on the couch
I couldn't take the girl out to eat
and I couldn't even go out to do anything with her.
After we broke up I really set my mind to change that.
Shortly after I released my first vlog style video which was just a simple "Day In The Life".
I started focusing on my own channel and worked my way up to where I am today.
I couldn't be happier!
Here I am in Japan enjoying it day by day no worries
just doing what I love it's been a crazy journey like I said
this is just the beginning I'm glad that that vision I pictured
years ago is turning into a reality
and the point of all this blabbering on about my story
for those of you chasing your dreams
Just remember
give up



10 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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