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Hey guys! So I first moved to Japan when I was 19 years old
and I was living in Iwate Prefecture
It's at the top of Honshuu island. Not the very top but pretty close
So it's a pretty cold area, very beautiful
But, the first Japanese snack that I ever fell in love with was...
THESE! These are Wasabeef
Wasabeef: Wasabi & Beef flavoured potato chips
And I was just sooo in love with these
I think I made my first cell phone mail address
So I was just so in love with this chips
and I've always liked them since then
Yesterday I was at the supermarket and I found these!
So these are the original, and these are the ones I found yesterday
What these are is wasabi-nuki Wasabeef
"without wasabi" These are Wasabeef without the wasabi
Which leaves you with Beef & Beef... so these are beef flavour
I really wanted to try them
These are so "natsukashii" for me
When I see a new version of them, I just have to try it
At the top here it says: We listened to your requests and started selling these!
I guess this is the Twitter account of the company that makes these
apparently they got lots of requests for wasabi-nuki Wasabeef
So I hope they're good! Let's try them!
First I'm going to try the originals and try my best to explain the flavour to you guys
They just look like regular potato chips
Nothing really special about the appearance
kinda orange
They're so good!
They're very similar to a barbecue flavoured chip
Kinda sweet
Then just a slight hint of wasabi flavour
They're not super spicy or anything
But I always feel like when you get near the bottom of the bag your mouth is just starting to burn
I love these so much
And the chips themselves are really flaky and...
Hard to explain... they're not super crunchy they're just like
flaky... like a flaky pie crust kind of
Please try these if you come to Japan, can't recommend them enough
Alright, now for the wasabi-nuki Wasabeef
Beef & Beef flavour
I'm excited
Oh they look the same!
Oh these ones are a little less orange! Which is interesting... pretty similar though
They taste completely different!
I wasn't expecting them to taste this different
They're a really subtle flavor and they really do taste like beef
they definitely have a meaty flavour to them
the Wasabeef ones, not so much. It's kinda like a smokey BBQ kinda flavour
But these definitely taste like beef
I don't really like these, the flavour is really subtle
They're okay
They're okay... they still have the same awesome texture of the originals, which I like
But the flavour itself isn't very good
on the back here it's got a funny story explaining how this whole wasabi-nuki Wasabeef started
It started out as an April Fool's joke on the Yamayoshi Seika twitter in 2014
But some people thought it would be interesting if they actually existed, so...
We promised to create wasabi-nuki Wasabeef if our tweet got 80,044 retweets
In the end we didn't reach that number, but it got retweeted over 41,000 times, more than expected
and we got replies like "I want to try them!" "Please actually make these!"
So we decided to start selling them!
Interesting! Well, that's how these came about
and I think that's really cool that they attempted making them just because everyone thought it'd be interesting
But I'm not very impressed with the flavour
They're ok! They're not bad.
It's just that these ones are so good that you can't really make anything better than them
So definitely try these, these are amazing
I hope they're around forever
So those were "Wasabeef potato chips"!
Thanks for watching guys, bye!


My First Love: WASABEEF 日本での初恋♡わさビーフ Japanese Wasabi Beef Chips

6 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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