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Hey guys!
Guess where I am today! I'll give you one guess
Yes, it's a pancake restaurant!
This place is called The Original Pancake House
I went to one in Korea
and it was the most delicious pancakes that I've ever had
and when I looked them up online
I saw that they had a shop in Harajuku
So that's where I am today!
Fingers crossed that they are just as good as the ones in Korea
because they were SO delicious
It was nice because their pancakes are thinner
If you've ever had Japanese style pancakes, they're a lot thicker
and fluffier, kinda similar to a white cake
and I'm not a fan of cake
So I don't really like the Japanese style ones as much
I still eat them
These ones were thin and regular American style
and they were so good!
So yeah, let's check out the menu here
These also have interesting things here like the Dutch Garden
I think they also have a sweet version of whatever this is
But I heard that that wasn't very good from someone
so I've never tried that
Ooo look they have a Japanese "Thick grilled Maccha pancakes with Red Bean Paste and Butter"
So it's green tea pancakes with red bean paste and butter
Super Japanese~ those look good
I want something simple
I just want some good ol' regular pancakes
The ones I had in Korea were the mixed fruit pancakes
They were so good!
I also tried the chocolate chip ones there
I didn't like them as much
They're so expensive though!
But so good! And they give you quite a bit
So I feel like you could share it
Ummm let's see
Coconut pancakes~
Oh dollar pancakes! Those are fun
They're the little pancakes
Ooo pecan
That sounds good
I guess the fruit ones are so expensive just because fruit is expensive in Japan
I think all the other ones are around 10 dollars
Just those ones are 20 dollars
They also have waffles here and crepes
And other meals like eggs and bacon and stuff like that
Ooo and they have a vegetarian omelette
That's good to know
All right, I've decided what I'm going to get
I'm gonna get the banana pancakes
and I'm gonna get fresh whipped cream on top
Because, why not
It's 300 yen, which is kinda expensive for whipped cream
But it'll probably be worth it
The pancakes are here guys!
These are banana pancakes. There's banana inside of them
And whipped butter
Tropical sauce
And I got some extra whipped cream, which is a lot!
So I'm probably gonna share it with my friend
Hello! Who I haven't introduced by the way
She also has a lovely YouTube channel
So I will link that down below! Check that out guys :)
But yeah, if you don't want to use the sauce
You can use their pancake syrup!
Which I will be doing, because YUM. That's my favourite!
All right guys, it's time to try!
Let's see... how should we do this
I'm gonna put some whipping cream on
and some pancake syrup
Yes! They taste just like the ones in Korea!
You're gonna love these
There's something about the recipe they use
They're just... I dunno how to explain it
They're not as fluffy as Japanese ones
They're a lot like... hmm... kinda melt in your mouth texture?
Just so good
The best pancakes in the world
You guys all need to come here
All right guys, we are all done eating our pancakes
We are so full. How were your pancakes?
They were really really good
I'm so glad you liked them
I was so happy with my pancakes
Banana pancakes are delicious
If you wanna go all out and get the fruit pancakes, I recommend those as well
But the banana ones were cheaper and just as good
So, also a good choice
We are gonna go shopping now in Harajuku
and hopefully find some summer clothes
Fingers crossed!
It's really rainy today
But it's all right, we're gonna be inside shopping all day
I guess I will see you guys later, bye!


The Best Pancakes in Tokyo 原宿の美味しすぎるパンケーキ屋さん Original Pancake House

14 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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