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Hey guys!
So this time I decided to make a cat tree using driftwood to finish my cooking room.
This is my first time trying to build something like this, so this video is not really instructional.
It's more just my experience.
But I hope you can enjoy it!
So I actually went to a different beach to collect these larger pieces of driftwood.
I wasn’t sure which pieces I would end up using so I just collected the ones I liked.
First, I cleaned the wood pieces with a wire sponge and other brushes.
Then I scrubbed them with dish soap and rinsed them off.
Ideally, driftwood should be completely dry before you use it.
Fortunately for me it was very hot and sunny so these pieces only took 4-7 days.
Next, I removed the bark.
Then, I sawed off the unusable parts.
Then, I sanded them all.
The leftover bark can be used as mulch.
Next, I filed down any sharp edges.
I got these platforms for the cat tree from a home center.
To make the grain more visible I burned the surface with a hand torch.
And then I sanded the pieces to make them smoother.
Next, I stained all the pieces.
I let them dry for about a day.
To make the main trunk very stable, I attached an adjustable fitting to the top.
Then I marked the location for the trunk on the baseboard.
And then pre-drilled the holes.
I applied felt pads to the bottom of the base so it wouldn’t scratch the floor.
And I also protected the ceiling with rubber pads.
I was able to figure out how I wanted to shape the tree thanks to help from friends, and
we decided on spiral stairs.
To attach them in an unnoticeable way I used L-shape brackets, which had to be angled to
fit evenly against the tree.
By the way, I had to finish all the screws by hand.
Commence cat test number 1.
I needed to attach some branches to help support larger platforms.
Commence cat test number 2!


I made a tree for my cats out of driftwood

206 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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