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Hey guys!
Today I'm going to do Jun' makeup!
You're gonna be pretty~ :D
On Patreon you guys voted on what challenge we should do,
and this was our #1 voted suggestion!
So this is what we're doing today!
And I've never done someone else's makeup, so...
That sounds very nice. /s
I should not be confident in my abilities today
but you know what, I AM CONFIDENT.
I'm gonna do a good job!
You're gonna be amazing.
When have you not been confident?
I'm not sure I have anything that's your skin tone because
I'm much whiter than my beautiful husband.
You might become a little white today.
This feels so weird...
Try not to scrunch up your face.
Stop scrunching up your face.
I can't help it!
Stop moving your mouth
Will these foundation gonna kill me?
It goes on your lips, too.
Are they poisonous?
No. And stop smiling.
Poker face.
I'm not smiling.
This is sad face. :(
You do that on my forehead, too?
Stop scrunching your face.
I can't help it.
I've evened out your skin tone a little bit,
and I've done I think as much as I can with your beard.
Let's do some contouring and highlighting!
I can smell the foundation.
What are you doing now?
I'm giving you a narrow nose.
At this point I can tell already that I was doing it so wrong.
You still look like Jun.
The pink isn't even showing up.
I think your skin's too dark for my blush.
We're just gonna start by shaping these.
Awww you're starting to look so pretty with your eyebrows!
See, eyebrows make a face.
That's all you need.
You look nice with thick eyebrows!
I like his eyebrows!
These look good. :D
Honey, you look handsome! :D
You look gorgeous~
I'm gonna do your makeup for every video now.
I'm gonna stick with neutrals, then.
I was gonna give you bright eyeshadow,
but let's just go with neutrals now.
Try not to flinch.
You know that I'm a really ticklish person, right.
One thing you guys may not know is-
everyone knows that there's creased eyelids
and then a lot of Asian people have monolids,
but there's not just those two lid... settings...
There's actually a whole bunch in between.
So Jun has one monolid
and he has one partially creased lid.
Which is gonna make trying to get your eyes even a little difficult, maybe?
I don't even remember which one's which. Which one's...?
This one's monolid and this one has a partial crease.
The right is single and the left has a crease.
Yeah yeah yeah.
I don't even know how normal monolids do makeup,
so this is gonna be an experience for me, trying to give you eyeliner in a little bit here.
Wow, it's so easy to give you eyeshadow.
I have NO idea where to put eyeliner on Asian eyes.
My whole face is kinda itchy.
Cuz you have a beard, probably.
Okay don't move.
You can't even see it anymore!
All right, close your eyes.
Oh god
That's not super straight but that might be about the best I can do.
Can you open your mouth?
False eyelashes now~!
I'm gonna wear eyelashes?
Yes, of course.
It's so much easier to put false eyelashes on you...
They don't work on me like this...
It's really heavy.
You look kinda pretty :D
Open your eyes.
Look up.
Just LOOK up.
Not with your head.
Just with your eyes.
So difficult...
You're starting to look pretty!
This is like a torture.
It hurts.
I'm gonna sneeze.
Juuuun you're so pretty ♡
You're so pretty!
Oh no, your head's too big!
Yeah, it won't fit.
Your head is too big for the wig.
I'll take these out and we can cover up the sides.
Woah, this is how it feels like to have long hair?
So weird!
This is just disgusting...
You look really good!
I really don't think so.
Smile! Smile for the camera :D
You should be flirty! Give them a kiss :D
You're so pretty~
I really like how this turned out, actually.
You look great.
By the way, I need to go grocery shopping soon.
You can go like this.
Thank you guys for watching! This was I DO MY HUSBAND'S MAKEUP
And next challenge, we actually had a tie
So next month we're going to do bean boozled, too, while we're in America.
Can I take this off now?
And that'll be fun.
Yeah, go ahead. You can take it off.
Woah, feels so weird...
You look hot like this, too.
You just look nice with makeup.
I'm jealous. I hate you.
Thank you guys for watching, we'll see you later!


I do my husband's makeup! リベンジ・夫にメイクしてみました。笑

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