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  • I'm Jessica Robinson, director of City Solutions for Ford.

  • Smart mobility all leave the hot today.

  • I'm a co founder and CEO of Chariot.

  • I'm Jeanette Sadiq Khan.

  • I'm a principal with Bloomberg Associates.

  • James Ehrlich and founder of Region Villages have an entrepreneur residence at Stanford University.

  • Within our lifetime, we're gonna see 2/3 of the people on this planet living in cities.

  • And we need to look at what we can do to harness that growth, to make our cities work better.

  • The city is comprised of neighborhoods.

  • How do you green that neighborhood?

  • How do you make it walk friendly, bike friendly, electric vehicle, autonomous vehicle compatible.

  • We have got a lot of our best real estate in cities, allocated two cars and trucks and parking, and a lot of people are rethinking.

  • If that's really the best choice, we can liberate our lives and have a much better civic experience.

  • By converting streets into parts, converting sidewalks into Park Ll, it's converting parking lots into green spaces.

  • Mobility challenges today fall in two, maybe three categories, so there's efficiency, their sustainability, and I think, most importantly, accessibility and equity.

  • The main problem around mobility is congestion and that will be solved with autonomous vehicles but understand themselves and understand peak traffic.

  • Curb space is the most prime real estate of a city, and with the proliferation of ride sharing the need for bike lanes and dedicated bus lanes as well, all of a sudden you have too many actors trying to access a single curve.

  • If you were an alien and you came down to this planet and you looked at our streets, you would think that we all worshiped this big £2000 box called a car, because we give them the most valuable real estate that we have.

  • We can recapture the real estate associated with those parked cars and repurpose it for higher use.

  • In Bogota, Colombia, they pioneered B, R T or bus rapid transit to provide dedicated rights away for buses, allowing them to actually travel much faster.

  • Gamma fied app.

  • Thio nap How people were getting around in Mexico City using the privately operated micro transit and minibuses in Denmark and the Netherlands.

  • You have raised separated by clings on, but really gives you the sense of safety medal Jean Colombia escalators that went up into the hills of the city into the favelas and trips that used to take four hours.

  • Now take, you know, 40 minutes.

  • And at the transportation hubs you have libraries.

  • You have schools on 360 degree approach to life and transportation.

  • It's not just about getting from Point A to point B.

  • It's also everything that happens in between.

  • I don't think we stopped to think about enough how much all of this noise and congestion and lack of pedestrian and bike space really affects us on a daily basis.

  • There's a lot of just mental energy that it takes to get around in a city, and so when you put a person at the center of the process, you start to think about things in a different way.

  • We wouldn't have those insights if we didn't sit down and have conversations with city residents or the people that are planning the cities that we call home.

  • We're going to have these situations where you have neighborhoods that are growing their own food.

  • There's a conversation about what we have and what you have.

  • And at that point, then there's even more conversations between neighborhoods and between families and between communities, and I think you're gonna find that the cities that sore are the cities that make it easy to get from school to your home, to work.

  • That's one of the pieces of magic you know of cities.

  • Is that fabric that's tied so closely together.

  • That's really the secret songs of great cities.

I'm Jessica Robinson, director of City Solutions for Ford.


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