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  • It's definitely an underlying thing that's in most cities.

  • Traffic in Nairobi is highly unpredictable.

  • There's vehicles that are competing for space, have many modes of transport.

  • There's so many things that happen in the roadways.

  • And that makes Nairobi unique, challenging, but also charming.

  • As more and more people movin to Nairobi to get access to jobs and be a part of the economic growth.

  • Then those roadways struggle.

  • It's a city that's resource constrained, and it's rapidly urbanizing.

  • So we have to be innovative here, and those innovative solutions will apply to most of the developing world.

  • This started with a simple walk in a community of Nairobi.

  • We ran into the head of environment for never be City County, he said.

  • Can you help me with my trucks?

  • Came with a plan there.

  • We built the solution.

  • From there, we started to build our models to study the data further.

  • Urban infrastructure is the key element that allows people to get around the city in whichever way they choose.

  • So when that doesn't work, people have to think about how'm I gonna get to where I need to go.

  • Given that now there's a sudden traffic jam or how How can I be sure that my kid is safe when they're riding on a boat, a boat, for example with poor mode quality at the same time?

  • Way running a small business, You're not sure if what it is you're selling is going to arrive in time in order for you to supply that to customers.

  • Long commutes for me.

  • Personally.

  • I was a nursing mother and she needed her mom, so I needed to get back to my daughter.

  • I think people were definitely surprised by the solution.

  • They didn't realize that you could use an adapted smartphone to know about the road quality.

  • We leverage the sensor suite on these mobile phones.

  • We've installed them into vehicles to adapt them in a way that we can now understand urban infrastructure.

  • You know, I have never thoughts off counting portholes in Nairobi.

  • Most of the solution double that you will find to help you understand.

  • Infrastructure is very costly and will not work for developing cities.

  • So that really how this project came about with the production scale off, mobile phones were ableto catch all the sensors sand off dysfunctionality at a relatively cheap prize.

  • We've got the IBM Internet off things connecting all these devices together from that were able to generate insights that tell us a lot about the road.

  • This is not just division were actually implementing this.

  • We are working with Nairobi City County.

  • We have installed in 1/4 of their waste collection vehicles.

  • We've generated models to understand the road quality.

  • These solutions here could potentially be more cost effective for some of the big cities.

  • Now you're able to address with traffic problem globally.

  • Data condemn definitely do more than we originally thought.

  • This data can be leveraged.

  • Buy other businesses because there's so much entrepreneurial energy and there's a huge tech spirit here, and this data might be part of something bigger.

  • It's important to give people their free time for them.

  • That's their opportunity to be themselves, to pursue the things that they want to do.

  • So free time is everything to being an individual.

It's definitely an underlying thing that's in most cities.


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IBM非洲-內羅畢交通 (IBM Africa- Nairobi Traffic)

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