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  • So is my wife.

  • And I guess the guitar is my mistress.

  • I think having the channel and actively creating content is a way to connect with your fan base.

  • Skype is an integral component when it comes to collaborating with other artists.

  • Someone dragged me from this dream.

  • When I was recording, my last record was in Montana, So it's cool to be ableto Skype with DJ Producer.

  • How do you Skype all the time?

  • That's how I work.

  • I think Tad is an incredible teaching tool.

  • Amanda Palmer's Ted talks about Crowdfunding went viral.

  • Remember saying like Oh, wow, this is cool.

  • I think, man, you could teach me a lot of crowdfunding crowdsourcing paying.

  • When do you care about me at all?

  • I'm really looking forward to Skyping with Amanda.

  • Ted, I think I'll be cool to see what happened.

So is my wife.


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布魯克林音樂人弗蘭克-貝爾準備參加TED 2014時與他見面。 (Meet Brooklyn musician Frank Bell as he prepares for TED 2014)

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