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  • imagine the mobility of tomorrow.

  • Think about it.

  • Every new advancement, every new technology, new design, every innovative thing we enjoy today started in the same place as somebody's vision for what could come next, from a radical improvement to an impossible new concept that ultimately transformed our lives.

  • Now it's your turn.

  • What's your vision for the future of mobility?

  • Ignite your imagination.

  • Envision a future that's not based on today's realities but on tomorrow's potential and join a community of innovators, change makers and inventive minds.

  • My vision off Future of ability It's more attorney.

  • There will be two worlds like the classic ass and the autonomous cars coming together.

  • The next step is tthe e emotional connection is changing.

  • So coming away from an engineer in front of you to human point of view, my vision for the future of mobility is about a much different way.

  • We connect cities with better infrastructure that make people's lives more connected.

  • That makes our society more socially successful, more interconnected, and improve the environmental performance of how we live.

  • BMW eyes partnering with head to create the next visionaries, a global community of like minded future thinkers who can share their vision for the future of mobility and a chance to bring that vision to life on one of the world's most compelling stages.

  • The Ted stage think visionary ideas can be much anywhere.

  • This generation is equipped like no other toe have the tool kit to solve major problems because they're not afraid of problems.

  • All that takes an adventurous spirit to say, I'm gonna try something and fail.

  • I'm gonna try something and learn.

  • I'm gonna try something World says is impossible and I'm gonna make it real well.

  • Be curating the most compelling visions on the site.

  • The most promising will be shortlisted, workshopped, homed, perfected and one idea will be presented on its head stage.

  • So how will your vision changed the way tomorrow moves?

imagine the mobility of tomorrow.


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TED和BMWi推出 "下一個遠見者 "活動 (TED & BMWi present Next Visionaries Campaign)

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