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  • we enter and leave this world needing care.

  • It's a universal part of being human.

  • Maybe because it's so universal way.

  • Take it for granted.

  • Like Air Way only noticed it when we need it and it's not there.

  • And maybe that's why in all our conversations about healthcare way, don't often talk about the millions of individuals caring for their loved ones with chronic conditions.

  • Unpaid caregivers showing up every day not because it's their job but because they care.

  • With great care comes great consequences.

  • Ana caregivers own health and well being.

  • It takes a toll on caregivers, finances and family way will all at one point in our lives need or receive care.

  • Mark K.

  • G.

  • A.

  • Darmstadt, Germany and embracing Cares are committed to supporting caregivers worldwide through raising awareness and motivating action.

  • Start caring of it.

we enter and leave this world needing care.


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無酬照護者的不為人知的故事|TED學院。 (The untold story of unpaid caregivers | TED Institute)

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