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  • I don't come from a business background.

  • My master's degree is an applied theater.

  • I was not set up to be a successful businesswoman, but I am very creative.

  • One day I got a phone call from a organization in Brooklyn.

  • They said We want you to come in and leave this nine month commute engagement process and that really became the spark of create forward.

  • Six months later, I left my job.

  • I set out on my own and founded this company.

  • There's a ton of resource is out there, right?

  • There are one line courses.

  • There are websites, you can cool anything.

  • And if I had a question and I couldn't find the answer to it on my own, I would ask someone.

  • You can find just about anyone who is doing something that could be really useful to your on a journey.

I don't come from a business background.


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TED與TD Ameritrade。好奇心 (TED & TD Ameritrade: Curiosity)

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