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  • My favorite performing moment was with the LX D Way.

  • Did Ted talks?

  • All of the great thinkers of the world come together at a conference, and its scientists and designers and artists, geniuses of the world in all aspects of being in a room for these great minds that have such an impact on the world and knowing that we were there to show dance just for the sake of showing dance was incredible.

  • This'll is also at the time when the Winter Olympics were happening, and I've always wished that dancers had something that were like our Olympics or our Oscars or our Grammys or, you know, we don't have what actors and athletes and musicians have those big moments where it's like I want to win a Grammy, those big moments that you trained for and it's do or die, you know, way close.

  • I felt the feeling like we had our Olympics like slips would be doing his head spins, and we'd all be like, Come on, let's go.

  • Come on, come on, you got and then you do it.

  • He'd hit it perfectly and on the accent were like, Yes, good.

  • It's like the chick is about to go out there like, All right, let's go get this in there like high fiving each other under, like when they're in the wings and then go out and they do the thing we're watching on the monitor and we're like, Yes, they hit, they hit it And then it's the girls turn.

  • And I'm like, Okay, Shelby, here we go.

  • We go.

  • And there was like, I love you, I love you And then we go out with you our section and it's like I felt that rush that was that I've never felt before while I was on stage and like, Remember this?

  • Remember this moment I walked out and I heard Theo cameras clicking and stuff, and I'm like they're taking pictures of me showing what I am doing as a dancer.

  • They're not taking pictures of me behind an artist or in my liking gear for a Nike industrial or taking pictures of Alex D, which is representing dance.

  • And I was just like, I remember this.

  • Remember this moment.

  • Remember who's in the audience and take it all in.

  • Bill Gates was there, and he tweeted about us afterwards.

  • By the time we got down to the dust dressing room.

  • He had tweeted about us.

  • And then at the very end of the routine, Shelby, who's won the other dancers, she's We were in the wings about to go out for about and she she goes, Look at their faces in the audience and I look out and there were people crying and there were people that were smiling like Like when you see a baby and you're just it's just the most genuine like that smile of being content.

  • And when I saw those faces, I just like it just hit me.

  • And so I walked out also in our line to take our bow, and everybody stood up in the audience and it was the longest standing ovation at Ted history.

  • Mind you, people go up there and talk about how they're saving the world, and they stood up and they gave him a standing ovation, and I just started crying.

  • I was crying, but I couldn't stop me, just like it just kept coming clapping for us.

  • It was just the combination of the people that I love, doing what I love and then being touched by it.

  • You know you don't touch people like that all the time.

  • Just made me really proud to be a dancer.

  • And we haven't had moments like that.

  • Dancers were rarely way don't.

  • We're really proud of what we do.

  • And I wish people were more perhaps on Galaxies, maybe perhaps to be a dancer.

My favorite performing moment was with the LX D Way.


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蓋倫-胡克斯在TED上跳舞 (Galen Hooks on dancing at TED)

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