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  • thank you.

  • When I was a child, I had a dream.

  • That dream was to become the hero at these four people.

  • BBJ.

  • This guy is more commonly known as the master of blues.

  • You have amazing Easy.

  • This star is my favorite because his ban ese D.

  • C.

  • Is also my favorite band.

  • Hiss and his band's most important words into backing Black, also featuring Armand to and How A to Help Captain this star is my dad's favorite was appalling high.

  • I had to listen to him play his music for three hours straight every single day and sacked from none of roses.

  • His most important words include Sweet Child O Mine.

  • But as you all know, we tell me on guitar you'll like them.

  • It's a whole lot of time and time was loving that I did not have.

  • For example, I'm a student in the day I wake up on 7 p.m. 7 a.m. Have a Twitter breakfast and all straight to school.

  • When I get back from school, it's a raise.

  • So said I had dinner.

  • I do my homework and I'm going to bed, even if for marital.

  • Sometimes I finished my homework before bedtime.

  • My mom will be like this.

  • I'll pay you the only assignment.

  • So while it may you want.

  • And then I have to do my English all my assignments.

  • See what I mean about having all time I read that fragile play might get hard.

  • All I've tried failed shrine again and failed again.

  • I was on the verge of going up after the second failure when I saw this fury on Internet defense.

  • Alvin, our theory.

  • This is the fury that you have master something.

  • If you practice, learn and perfect, it has all been ours.

  • I knew that this was on the help of my car, but I had one big questing in my head.

  • Where one All these hours come from.

  • So what?

  • This later, when I was surfing the Internet the same way I found this fear, we I found these pictures US plan our PS four ex pops US plan, our PC, animals of all pictures like this, us doing things on our foes, such as playing games such as True Z and Does and Olivia other abs such as we chat.

  • I knew that this was all my time with them.

  • truffle.

  • But being a human, I just can't stop of being curious.

  • How much time do I waste in a week?

  • 15 hours or maybe even 20 hours, as I don't know dipping.

  • Did I found the answer?

  • According to rescue time, the answer is an astounding 21.

  • Put eight hours week That almost equals you a whole day a week.

  • Just think about it.

  • Ah, whole day, A week of just wasted time.

  • What?

  • What?

  • When I saw it's time to the stage, I can just also asked myself another question.

  • What if we use only always the time and only always attractive, fulfilled of hands?

  • Alan, I was fear me tells us that I did a logical outbreak East bushings and my head that looks like this.

  • Yes, sir.

  • After I being a little lazy and used my mom's phone's calculator, I found the answer mostly equal to about 818 years with the 0.8 years.

  • Don't be Tom, a biologist, a scientist, an astronaut.

  • The possibilities off these 8.8 years are endless.

  • I remember people.

  • He's a put eight years are just a time that you waste.

  • This does not include anything your personal life and your original at all.

  • I knew that I wouldn't be able to use all 10.

  • 1.8 now is departing like a car because one I knew that there would always be some left over time, no matter how hard I fry Number two I knew that I wouldn't be able to concentrate for a large sum.

  • Was all time 27 8 hours a week answered.

  • I am a child.

  • I lied to play the old days.

  • So in the end, I said before about a sort of the content of waste, about seven hours a week.

  • And our day, Don't you know I practice about 850 hours and 50 hours?

  • I believe the step closer to my door off 10 7 hours as fuss.

  • But step closer to my dream will become your guitar.

  • I know that loss of you have had childhood rings, but for whatever reason you do them up.

  • But today it is all in our fear.

  • We tells us that dreams can be achieved today when you go home births and dust off the piano.

  • Today when you go home, we're like the fires of your dreams.

  • With the spark of one hour Today when you go home make your dreams come true.

thank you.


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