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  • principal nine developed Rebus plans but allow for missteps.

  • They'll fast to learn fast Practice may make perfect, but even the best teams can have an off day.

  • That's no reason to envision anything other than success when you design your strategy, Preparation, research and planning are essential in ensuring successful delivery.

  • But no matter how much you prepare, there will always be unknowns.

  • In the process of delivery.

  • A strategy will certainly encounter unexpected challenges and discoveries that require a change in approach.

  • But in today's complex business environment, strategic planning cycles must be more rapid, dynamic and agile than ever.

  • Consider every project as a training and teeming exercise.

  • Failure is part of the process and can be valued as a learning experience.

  • Empower your team to take wrists and learn from failures.

  • Discuss challenges openly and make changes quickly.

  • Don't be afraid to adjust your playbook mid game.

  • Even failure can be a tool if it teaches your team how to turn a losing game into a big win.

principal nine developed Rebus plans but allow for missteps.


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TED與Brightline的呈現。Brightline的指導原則9 (TED & Brightline present: Brightline's Guiding Principle 9)

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