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  • OK.

  • Crime fighters take a good look at this brunch because she just smashed the car window.

  • Not just any car window.

  • Jenna The ones car window man breathing down our necks on this one.

  • Jenna Dewan car got broken into in broad daylight on Sunset Strip.

  • But paparazzi waiting for Jenna saw and filmed The whole thing happened and were there when Jenna returns.

  • One offered some sympathetic words this sex did you have been invaluable?

  • A sailor on persons were $3000.

  • So Jenna wants her purse back.

  • Now.

  • Witnesses tell us the suspect hopped in a car and got away.

  • But at least cops have a face to work with.

  • Way beautiful description of the getaway vehicle.

  • So yeah, not exactly in Ocean's 11 type operation.

  • So we got the who?

  • We got the what?

  • Where it was right across from that.

  • The body shop.

  • Great.

  • Not too far to get the window fixed.

  • The strip club.

  • Okay, well, that doesn't help any way lesson for a soul who leaves their purse on the front seat exposed.

  • Sometimes if you're in a rush, a running errand, you made leader assets.

  • I mean, what you have to realize it's summertime and people are hitting cars like crazy.

  • Right now, there's a summer have to do with it.

  • Nothing.

  • Summertime, Nero you want or, you know I get it Summertime Just one month ago offices Let's stay shut way.



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珍娜-迪萬的錢包被偷了,在鏡頭前的打砸搶|TMZ TV。 (Jenna Dewan's Purse Stolen During On-Camera Smash and Grab | TMZ TV)

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