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  • today in the news.

  • We got more cancellations and the entire 10th Jen pricing.

  • What's up, guys?

  • I'm snows and this is your boot sequence.

  • Another day, another cancel the event.

  • According to Arse Technica, who spoke with multiple sources at the E s A e 3 2020 is no more.

  • The event was supposed to be held from June 9th 2 June 11th in L A, but has reportedly been canceled due to Well, do you know what it's due to?

  • No official statements from the E s A has been released yet, but you can trust ars Technica.

  • This would be the first time the three has been canceled since 1995.

  • So if you were planning on attending, make sure you cancel your flights and hotel also in semi canceled news, GDC will look a lot different than originally planned.

  • Last week it was announced that GTC would transition over to an online on Lee event essentially a Webcast.

  • Well, now the company decided to shorten the duration instead of a five day event from March 22nd T 26th.

  • GDC will only be on the 24th not just that, but the keynote which is usually where we see Mr Leather jacket.

  • Be amazed by his own company's creations.

  • Well, that keynote has also been canceled in favor of regular news announcements.

  • There will also be an investor's call with an videos C O.

  • Jensen Hong.

  • So even if we can't see the jacket, you'll be able to hear it squeak.

  • So I'm gonna try and take some time to stream that event with you guys moving on to some Intel news, it looks like the price for the entire lineup of 10th Jen desktops abuse has been leaked.

  • This was found by Mo Mo mo us on Twitter, and it comes from Belgium retailer to compute.

  • Now these prices are trey pricing, basically with O E EMS buy in bulk.

  • But the difference in price between tray and boxed units is generally not much when the prices are converted, this is what it looks like.

  • I'll be focusing on the high end unlocked processors here, but I'm still going to put the prices for the locked and T variants on the screen so that you can take a look at them.

  • The 10 900 k, Intel's newest flagship 10 cord, 20 thread.

  • CPU would be around 560 bucks while it's K F Variant comes in at 530.

  • The 10 700 k, which is essentially the new 9900 k with eight cores and 16 threads, comes in at around 440 bucks with the K F variant at just under 410.

  • If you were looking for the six Court 12 thread that 10 600 K, it's around 300 bucks with the K F Act 270 so it looks like graphics.

  • Less sea views are priced at an average about $30 cheaper.

  • And here is the pricing for the rest of the stack, which doesn't include any unlocked processors.

  • I mean, I would have appreciated if they brought in a four core unlocked See you there.

  • So, yeah, definitely higher prices than we'd like.

  • But, I mean, it's Intel.

  • It's expected coming from them.

  • The 10 900 k being priced higher than the 3900 X kind of baffles me.

  • I mean, sure, it might actually trade blows with Andy's 12 court in certain tasks.

  • I'm just speculating here.

  • We'll have to see the actual reviews to make sure, but Andy's 12 court is the best all around her, and it often sells well below its own m s r p.

  • I mean, right now you can buy one for 420 bucks, which is cheaper than the leaked price of the 10 700 k, which is an eight course of you.

  • I mean, maybe the 10 600 k f is worthwhile for a gaming focused system, but it's still about $70 more than what a 36 100 ex sells for these days.

  • It's crazy to see how discounted AM DCP use our when they've only been in the market for about eight months now.

  • In any case, those are two prices on that website.

  • And if Intel proceeds with, um, I don't think they're going to sell very many of them.

  • Despite the higher clock speeds and hyper threading being enabled on the whole lineup in gaming news, it looks like the rumors were true.

  • Horizon zero Don will make its way to PC PlayStation Worldwide.

  • Studios head Herman Host confirmed it during a PlayStation Blawg interview.

  • Sure, it's an old game, but it's one that many including me, didn't get to play because, well, I don't own a PS four.

  • Plus.

  • It's the first game to join PC from a Sony owned studio.

  • And while Herman says that it doesn't mean every game will come to PC, Sony has been known to be a little flexible on their policies, like with the whole cross play debacle last year.

  • Or at least I hope they will be in because even if it's later, I still want to play those games without having to buy another consul.

  • Speaking of counsel's, Microsoft has just revealed their schedule for game Stack live.

  • While the Livestreamed event will last from the 17th to the 18th of this month, Thesent Day might be the more interesting one, with more details to be revealed for both the Xbox, Siri's X and Project X Cloud.

  • The entire event will be streamed on mixer.

  • So if that's something that you want to see, check out the link in the description box for the full schedule.

  • Anyways, guys, that is pretty much it for the news today.

  • Hopefully, you've enjoyed if you got any comments or questions that you know where to put them as usual conflict right here to see live video right here.

  • This is cracked that channel.

  • Stay frosty, my dudes, and I'll see you on the next one.

  • Speaking of the three, you can click, Let's say here to see Scott the walls episodes on super early versions of the three.

  • It's a really good, really good show.

  • Take care.

  • I don't know what I tripped over.

  • Oh, there was a wire preventing me from moving.

today in the news.


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