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  • Hello, everyone.

  • Welcome to another video.

  • Now the radio on HD 68 50 from AMG started appearing on the market toward the end of 2010 $179.

  • It was considered a mid range option.

  • It's one gig off V RAM, commonplace at the time.

  • A year or so later, Sapphire released this model.

  • A card with two gigs of Judy are five, which certainly would have been a more tempting option for those gaming at higher resolutions.

  • If you stumble across one of these on the used market, more often than not, it will be a one gigabyte card, which were far more common and still are today.

  • I bought this card years ago, according to my mom.

  • Anyway, who, when helping me move house, found a receipt with it inside a plastic storage box.

  • I would have certainly taken the look back at it beforehand if I knew I had it, probably at a time when it would still be a more capable gamer.

  • But then I got to wondering how this mid range card from many years ago could handle itself as we approach 2020.

  • Could this 179 U S dollar near decade old investment play out in my favor.

  • I don't recall ever reviewing a 68 50 before on the channel, but maybe I have.

  • And that's why this one hasn't seen the light of Dahlia and years.

  • But there's nothing in my video history that's 68 50 related.

  • Let's start then with the games that are off the table, read it redemption to threw up a whole host of errors.

  • Battlefield five got to the main menu and froze every single time and rage to refuse to start not only on this card in Z on CPU, but every different process.

  • A combo I tried.

  • So if you like any of those titles which I'm sure 99.999% of you do, then I'm afraid you're out of luck.

  • Gives five was also sort of unplayable, and by that I mean it was totally unplayable.

  • I mean, I was happy to proceed with my eight frames per second, but the game said no.

  • I waited a while longer, a long while longer, to be honest, but my patients, just like my hairline, was wearing pretty thin.

  • No one on this planet would deem this an enjoyable experience, So I headed to a different one instead with the Outer Worlds, the card hardly gave us an out of this world experience a 10 80 p and the concept of a smooth frame rate seemed pretty alien.

  • But the fact that this title actually ran could be perceived as groundbreaking by some.

  • A drop to 7 20 p with the low settings still didn't give the card much breathing space, but lowering the resolution scale to 50% increase the average to infinity and beyond.

  • Okay, I mean, we're talking about 35 frames per second here, but it's a cosmic improvement over the experience at 1920 by 10 80 dirt, really, to my usual go to run on absolutely anything.

  • Game performed well under pressure a 10 80 p.

  • There were certainly a few minor drops, but overall, the average frame rate hovered around 40.

  • There was no need to turn down the resolution as I had a 30 f p s target in mind throughout, and despite the various crashes, with other games the only one crushing here Woz, as usual, May that's enough of the puns.

  • Now Honestly, let's move on before I blow this Mini Cooper to kingdom come Ah ho, What a coincidence Kingdom come Deliverance is up next and wealthy 68 50 came close to 30 f.

  • P s at 10.

  • 80 p lo settings.

  • It couldn't quite get there.

  • Enter 900 p my knight in shining armor.

  • This opening level generally tends to be quite intensive on the system.

  • So I was surprised to see the frame rate exceed 30 on the usual of running around trying to get into trouble.

  • And it wasn't long before I made a complete fool of myself and had the guards running after me.

  • Crisis a 10 80 p Hi did surprisingly well.

  • I mean, we saw more than 30 f PS.

  • Anyway, 60 frames per second was off the table, at least average wise because there were a few frame drops, but nothing too bad, I suppose.

  • I'm sure that if you bought one of these back in 2010 you'd have upgraded by now.

  • But if you haven't, then it may be worth considering.

  • At least I like all graphics cards.

  • Really.

  • I'm not trying to slate it, but Triple eight games will require more horsepower these days, most of them anyway.

  • Finally, it's counterstrike global offensive, Amore CPU intensive title which, as you can imagine, run fine.

  • Some of you may be thinking that because I tested this card with a Z on CPU, it's holding the card back.

  • Don't worry.

  • That is not the case.

  • The GPU reaches its maximum potential long before the process, sir really has a chance to get going.

  • I'm using this E 56 45 as I still have my rise and Rick packed up in a box ready for the new office.

  • And this old beast was a hand.

  • It's still a good chip on Has six cause and 12 threads in for £5 here in the UK or $10.

  • It really is quite a good deal providing you have a motherboard for it, which can be expensive.

  • But enough about that.

  • We're talking about the 68 50 and overall Well, it probably isn't worth getting one anymore.

  • After spending the initial £179 on it, I imagine it would have been good up till about 2016 17 and most Triple eight titles.

  • But these days.

  • Well, it does start to struggles out the 68 15 2019.

  • Probably best left on the used auction site.

  • But if you enjoy this video, be short a lever like on it.

  • Leave a dislike If you didn't let me know if you still have a 68 50 in your system because I'd love to know how it performs in what games you play on it.

  • Subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already.

  • And hopefully I will see you all in the next video.

Hello, everyone.


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我這塊179元的顯卡是2012年買的。現在還能遊戲嗎? (I bought this $179 graphics card in 2012. Can it still game?)

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