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  • have you got your cheese?

  • Do you ever get that few That you conscious that side six around like some Mets in your team?

  • Awesome aces up your sleeve.

  • You know what?

  • The that you're indeed a Jew to bow out nearly every night this week.

  • How many?

  • Can you This is true enough.

  • Makes me think spilling drinks Tea way that night mainly may say things that you can say tomorrow day that's been here.

  • Like when you've had a few.

  • Because I always do.

  • Maybe a busy bee.

  • D'oh!

  • Mom!

  • Nina!

  • Oh, wow, Theo.

  • That's also the service.

  • Terry, give Exhale that That's it's a Dinka Dee estimates Zocalo, but think they had net no eats Miramar control room with cracker six hours a year.

  • Left that hell Hitler to open a data Hillman under control a cracked it Wasin Norma Contusions Military Oh, you're a hell of a high rise.

  • Then kick me in your music's market ba how the X rays amount of this master to singing on.

  • Do you know my drink?

  • Okay, it's for Manzanar Cupcake and in an artist's dunk for the DC some seed and are out on jacaranda, remember?

  • Cook it would so strengthen.

  • Been waiting almost strength and automotive vegetable as a border.

  • And it is a new Nico Water under here fear still much to learn everything.

  • Let's just managing.

  • You have to do well.

  • You have to name a moist him 64 door.

have you got your cheese?


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Yasmina - "Do I Wanna Know?| 盲選|嗓音小子|VTM- 盲選 (Yasmina - 'Do I Wanna Know?' | Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids | VTM)

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