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  • hi guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to create a video to talk about

  • the hottest haircut trends you see in 2019 and I'm making this video because

  • now is spring I feel like a lot of us who want to freshen up a little make our

  • look feel a little more fresh I wanted to show you the top 5 that I feel like

  • are great options to consider when you go into that hairdressers so let's start

  • with the first one the first one is for my girls that have really long hair and

  • want to keep that link and this is the short medium long layers this is

  • something that I usually do basically is asking your hairdresser to give you

  • short medium and long layers and kind of mix them up that gives great movement

  • for your hair and that also works really well for someone who loves that kind of

  • messy nonchalant effortless look to the hair block myself I never want to look

  • too done up so I'm a big fan of like messy bangs messy low bun hairdos or

  • anything like that braids so it just gives you a lot of different lengths and

  • different ways to play with your hair and it really is kind of playing it safe

  • because you really don't have to cut much the second one are asymmetrical

  • lock so lobs are long bob usually starts from under the chin to about shoulder

  • length and lots more really really happening last year which I loved and

  • they are moving into 2019 really nicely lobs are one of my favorite haircuts of

  • all time just because it really compliments every face shape so

  • asymmetrical lobs is basically keeping a longer length here and then it goes a

  • little bit shorter all around what I especially like the way people wear the

  • asymmetrical lobs now is the side parting of the hair if you haven't

  • noticed and it's something really startled to notice but the middle part

  • has been really happening for a long time and I feel like now especially

  • after watching all the runway shows a lot of the design

  • have been doing the psych part for the hair couldn't bring back those glam 90

  • days but in a more subtle way so I'm loving it obviously you can see I mean I

  • need a little volume here but this is my go-to selfie hair situation it's very

  • good I need to make a video about that the asymmetrical lob just gives you an

  • option to be a little more edgier and still play with the log that is a very

  • classic and a great option for anyone who wants to change up a little bit but

  • still keep the option of playing around with your hair with hairdos up/down

  • braids whatever it is you can make it work the next haircut our bob with a

  • bang I love that bob with a bang okay but actual Bang is the bangs so we all

  • know what a bob is it's a haircut that falls between the ears to kind of the

  • jawline Bob's look really well for someone that

  • has an oval face shape a hard face shape or a long face shape so there's

  • obviously different variations of bob that you can make work according to your

  • kind of face shape the extra kind of spice to it are the bangs I feel like it

  • gives a little bit of those guianese moviestar of vibes

  • I've seen people styling it so beautifully again it can be slick it can

  • be wavy it can be a little bit messy and I am loving that trend I don't know a

  • lot of people that done it so far but hopefully it's something that I'll see

  • more and more and I feel like it can be such a cool and very statement look for

  • someone especially now it's the spring it's getting warmer

  • live it up a bit you know I can't I'm not gonna do it I'm not gonna do it I'll

  • lose my whole personality I'll cut my hair so that's just me the Ford haircut

  • you see a lot of people requesting it's the airy layers airy layers are

  • basically a play between the in visible layers and Jennifer Aniston

  • Rachel layers that was a thing she looked so good it's a mixture of both

  • really so they're still not as prominent like they're not in-your-face type of

  • layers like Jennifer Aniston used to have Rachel Green

  • they're giving a little more again movement making your hair feel less

  • heavy and that's something that I feel like a lot of people can seem to find

  • that right balance between having long hair but making sure that it doesn't

  • just fall and have a lot of weight it just looks kind of like Airy layers will

  • be a great option for you guys to make it a little more fun and to combine that

  • nostalgia from friends and the 90s into 2019 and then last but not least are the

  • pixie cuts I think it's gorgeous I'm sure you've noticed Cara Delevingne Katy

  • Perry rocking them so well it's such a gorgeous cut very powerful very dominant

  • I find it to be very sexy so if it's something you guys consider I am all for

  • it it's super easy to maintain obviously there's not a lot you need to do so if

  • you're looking for a little you know spicing up your life try a pixie cut I

  • wonder if I look good in the pixie cut I look like a 5 year old boy these are the

  • top 5 haircuts for 2018 let me know what is your favorite what would you love to

  • get what could you only dream of getting I'm dying to hear more thank you so much

  • watching you guys and I'll see you next time

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to create a video to talk about


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2019年要求的5大發型。 (Top 5 Haircuts To Ask For In 2019)

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