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  • go.

  • Hello Everybody here for the in the room.

  • Mito, What do you drive?

  • That other jet bike?

  • They're ready to see you, Mr Group.

  • Oh, good, Great.

  • They stay my grow.

  • I feel like I'm talking to love Even though our proximity doesn't require this kind You seriously think a puny little child can be a villain?

  • Yes, I am pretty despicable.

  • You don't want to cross me when you've got something?

  • E bills so impressed me.

  • Wait!

  • This is the biggest day of my life.

  • Just something itwas millets way is apple.

  • Where is up to be?

  • Are you pulling on my legs right now?

  • Where's Dawn?

  • Who?

  • Historian?

  • That's you.

  • Did you just trade my future for a bad bra?

  • Oh, I didn't mean to scare you.

  • Now where's groove?



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小人國2:崛起的格魯預告片 (2020) (MINIONS 2: THE RISE OF GRU Trailer (2020))

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