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  • Hello, everyone.

  • And welcome to another video onto what is another episode off our Ji Tech news, where we discuss some off the interesting and upcoming releases or rumors in the world of budget orientated PC Tech.

  • Now, today, we've got a few different things to talk about.

  • Set, of course, to the tune of some background game players always.

  • So, without further ado, let's get straight into it and talk about some of the things that I found interesting in the world off tech this week.

  • Now my first story today is about an upcoming component that I'm really looking forward to testing.

  • But to tell the full story, we have to start at the beginning.

  • Back in 2000 Intel introduced the Pentium four, a process a lineup that would end up spanning a few years in production across multiple sockets.

  • The CPU is ranged in speed starting at 1.3 gigahertz, all the way up to a 3.8 gigahertz chip, and by 2000 and six, they had truly run their course pension fours, run hot, consumed a lot of power and couldn't keep up with a M.

  • D's new Athlon 64 liner Perhaps it was a combination of these factors that led to the cancellation oven upcoming four gigahertz out of the box chip.

  • Not to mention that the focus had begin to shift to Jewell core processes.

  • So releasing another single, Corbett higher clocked Pentium didn't make too much sense.

  • All that there is about to change in over.

  • A decade later, it seems as though we're going to see the introduction of the very 1st 4 gigahertz Pentium, the G 56 20 based on the 14 under Me to coffee.

  • Late micro architecture of this CPU will follow the traditional to core four thread set up that modern Pentiums have decided to stick with.

  • And from what I've read, it's designed to outperform the likes of A and E's newest atthe loans.

  • Maybe we should anticipate similar toe I 3 81 100 performance at a lower price point, but we'll have to wait and see for sure.

  • My only hope is that they get the pricing right.

  • It's rumored at around 100 U.

  • S.

  • D.

  • Which is just too much, in my opinion, considering am these fell on 200 G, for example, costs half of that and we'll give the fo mentioned i 3 81 100 A run for its money.

  • In some instances, looks like room for a good old fashioned Pentium versus Athlon battle, though either way, that mirrors that of last decade.

  • Next up and with the apparent release of the $279 GTX 16 60 T I almost imminently, rumors have started out regarding a new mid range option supposedly coming in March.

  • Named the GTX 16 50.

  • Is it just me, or are these names getting out of hand?

  • Let's start again.

  • GTX one.

  • Anybody, apparently the Do Tick 16 50 is the successor to the 10 50 on will be introduced at 150 to 200 U.

  • S.

  • D.

  • On come equipped with four gigabytes of V RAM.

  • Honestly, I'm struggling to keep up the GTX 10 50 launched at just over $100 or around £119 here in the UK, with prices still remaining pretty stable, so it'll be interesting to see whether or not the price increase will be reflected in the performance.

  • It would be great to see another go to card for those building a more budget conscious system has ever since the 7 50 t I launched a few years ago.

  • Now the entry level slash mid range market has for May been the most interesting place to keep an eye on in terms of what's on offer.

  • Lower on the subject of graphics and video has also published specifications for two new mobile GP use.

  • The MX 2 30 MX 2 50 these air successors to the MX 1 30 an MX 1 50 respectively.

  • My advice is we start to see the introduction of these parts in laptops will be to pay attention to reviews as far as particular products are concerned, because frame rates etcetera will be determined by what process and how much RAM is also built into these systems.

  • Not much info is yet known with regard to clock speeds and such.

  • But I'll try and get my hands on one of these notebooks as I feel that we don't really do enough laptop tests on this channel.

  • So let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like to see morals.

  • So with all of my favorite stories from this week out of the way I'd like to leave you with a little bit of news.

  • From the opposite side of the spectrum over Clockers, UK have launched a top in colossal gaming rig that features a plethora of top end hold Where the price Oh, you know, just about the same as a nearly new Ford Mustang here in the UK with all that said, Thank you very much for watching this has been our Drew tech news and some of my favorite stories from the past week in the world of budget PC gaming.

  • I hope you've enjoyed it.

  • If you did leave a like leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll see you all in the next one will be testing out another piece of hardware.

Hello, everyone.


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