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  • way channel today I'm gonna show you super easy.

  • He was way that I get my hair from this straight natural state to ISS Curly state, which I will insert here.

  • I don't know, like a Brazilian he was calling.

  • It's out there, but this one I feel like, is the optimal combination of getting a really nice bouncy curl, legally even having to, like, cut up towels, rule your hair into bowls without having your through the super tedious process of like pinning all you here on that.

  • Let's jump in about an hour ago and wash my hair so it's just a little bit Damn.

  • You really don't want charity to dampen this process.

  • Otherwise it just never, ever gonna dry you for this method are four of these little clamping things.

  • That's the official name for them.

  • They get kind of a shitty version of this, that target where you could get a good version at Sally Beauty Supply and also just using a regular hair elastic.

  • Anything will do.

  • You're wearing your hair down.

  • Really?

  • The key to any curling process is to get these front pieces that frame your face just going to start with the sections around my face, crawling around two of my fingers and pin it up with one of these things.

  • Just put the plan right where your fingers are.

  • Repeat that with decide, just making sure curling away from my face that with two kind of larger sections part just for old.

  • This bottom here is not going to do is keep these two sections curl the back through.

  • This will kind of make waves that just going in the same general direction just twist them over each other into a secure that I can think my hair looks like when it's all finished.

  • Not really the most attractive piece of work, but I promise it'll look good in the morning.

  • It'll be worth it if only I just sleep on these because the most efficient way to get my car lt's in.

  • But if you want, you could also blow dry over, though that was slightly defeat.

  • The purpose of people is part of this.

  • If you want your hair coat for the night time, you can just kind of leave this in for a couple of hours, I would say at least like 4 to 5 hours if you really want to hear properly so that I'm gonna show you guys this offered fake clip of going to bed.

  • Now I'm gonna wash off my makeup change in my pajamas and actually, seriously, in the morning.

  • Hey, guys.

  • So it is now the morning I just slipped on my curls overnight.

  • As you can see, they are a little bit crazy but otherwise mostly intact I'm just gonna gently take everything out starting with this back section thes get a little bit stuck in my hair but just kind of work him out They tend not to get so tangled that look, I have to refer any hair out so I'll take it.

  • Look at that girl around a little bit mostly is in place today So here is the finished product.

  • Ah, a little bit more frizzy.

  • I will take a little hair oil like this one.

  • I got an clearance from Target.

  • I just spreads through the ends and kind of smooth everything out.

  • But today actually they're not really, really well so I don't even think that it was like super super simple.

  • Hopefully not so simple that you're mad that I made this video I hope it helps out some of you guys If you enjoy, please don't forget to give this video Comes up with a common down below.

  • Subscribe to my channel for new videos every single day.

way channel today I'm gonna show you super easy.


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