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  • Todays question isAre vampire bats real or are they just made up in scary movies?

  • Oh my, after a bit of research, we find that there are 3 species of bats that feed on blood.

  • They are the common vampire bat, the white-winged vampire bat and the hairy-legged vampire bat.

  • They are pretty shy animals and are not really like the movies may lead you to believe. They

  • are not going to swarm and suck all of your blood out.

  • These bats live in Central and South America. They mostly feed on livestock like cows and

  • horses. The bat normally lands near the animal, walks over and crawls up while the animal

  • sleeps. Once they have found a good spot, they use their super sharp teeth to make a

  • small cut on the animal. Most times, the animal sleeps right through the bat bite and just

  • snoozes as the bat licks up the blood. Now, there is no way the animal is going to

  • even notice the very small amount of blood he vampire bat eats. The biggest problem is

  • not losing the blood, but the animal could get a disease or infection from the bat.

  • While the chances of you ever getting bitten by a vampire bat are small, keep in mind that

  • all bats can bite and you should never try to pick one up. If you see a bat that you

  • think needs help, get an adult. We sure don’t want you to accidentally get bit and then

  • be sick. So that is our Vampire bat fact!

  • Thanks for watching and let us know what kind of bats you have in your neigborhood.

Todays question isAre vampire bats real or are they just made up in scary movies?


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吸血鬼蝙蝠是真的嗎?動物事實 (Are Vampire Bats Real? Animal Facts)

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