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  • C stands for SportsCenter, Dance for Santa Claus and Steph Curry and Southern California.

  • All applicable was We give You another gift of Ah, highlight.

  • It's a good one.

  • Clippers and the Warriors.

  • Game five was the best of the N B.

  • A five pack on Christmas Day.

  • These two have a history.

  • Go back to Halloween, Bo.

  • Get Jordan.

  • Get into it late.

  • Griffin and Mark Jackson is well, after Nice to hand shove there from Bogut's and then on Christmas night.

  • Check it out.

  • Draymond green elbows.

  • Blake Griffin.

  • He's gone and Griffin given a technical foul.

  • And then, in the fourth quarter, Griffin is tied up with Logan.

  • They go.

  • Boga tries to pull the shirt over Griffin.

  • Bogie was kind of stirring things up in this one.

  • A bit of a pest and not help get that technical on.

  • Griffin out of the game.

  • Back to the game now currying and David Lee and the Warriors up by two U C.

  • Five minutes left.

  • Warriors by three burns.

  • Jamal Crawford ties in 94 over two minutes left.

  • Warriors down by one step back.

  • Three.

  • That shot was huge.

  • Now Golden State is up by two next Clipper possession point.

  • Chris Paul's into this game.

  • He was battling, fighting, scrapping any ties the game at 101 Golden State by two time.

  • Winding down Mrs A Great Defense by Steph Curry.

  • Another chance for Paul now don't get roll.

  • Could have been hit by Harrison Barnes but doesn't get the call.

  • Then late fourth quarter.

  • Eight seconds left.

  • Golden State by two.

  • Chris Paul couldn't try to tie the game.

  • No block charge.

  • Clean block shots.

  • So the Clippers have one more chance to tie.

  • Three To win Jamal Crawford for the wind?

  • No, and then Chris Paul grabs the ball out of bogus hands and then go get knocks it away out of Paul's hands.

  • And then Bam, Matt Barnes.

  • What about David Lee?

  • I didn't see the play, but just a little Christmas cheer between the two teams.

  • Just happy we came out.

  • Got the win tonight.

  • It was a game with a lot of adversity for both teams.

  • We really got a win against a very good team.

  • How would you describe the tone of this game throughout?

  • Well, way things always got chippy with our team the last two years, and both teams made big run.

  • Side was a game of runs, and I'm just happy with one that made the final run.

  • And although we didn't shoot the ball, great were able to get a victory.

  • Here are David, Congratulations.

C stands for SportsCenter, Dance for Santa Claus and Steph Curry and Southern California.


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洛杉磯快船隊VS金州勇士隊 影片突出 25/12/13 (Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors Highlights 25/12/13)

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