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  • shortly but lunch there before then.

  • Make the first of our contributions to the BBC's anniversary weekend with a look back at some of the enduring images of 60 years of television sports.

  • You need jet British tradition, which it is based aboutthe rules.

  • I'm going four runs to get He's out.

  • Number three three little.

  • Okay, What you got?

  • Take go.

  • Go back!

  • Fantastic Run tempered that I was born with a right pile up Now with this fine David.

  • What?

  • Hey, this is incredible!

  • Now is six on the trucks?

  • Well record.

  • He's done it.

  • It's gone.

  • Jacket is the winner.

  • You can't be serious.

  • You cannot be serious.

  • That was on the line.

  • Blew up!

  • That's it.

  • You're dating because he grabs good.

  • Come away!

  • I know that, Nigel.

  • It's cool.

  • Is Jonathan in the first round?

  • Steven Matthew Pinson Mission accomplished the way the world champion of 1996 Wonderful memories of the last 60 years of BBC television sport My one man will be contributing once again to grandstand this afternoon has been involved for very nearly 50 off those 60 years.

  • Here's how one of the BBC's most popular and respected commentator sounded back in 1950 fine looks at the gate.

  • Donald is definitely only gonna jump friends to win the 1955 Gold Cup.

  • Then he's coming into it.

  • Tony Grantham and he's up over and starting a way.

  • Undoubtedly the winner.

  • He can't lose.

  • Struggling gamely got unavailing.

  • Later, Donald striding away, winning post.

  • The undisputed winner of the 1955 Gold Cup gave Donald Halloween coming up in two seconds.

  • The inimitable Peter O'Sullivan, of course, and joins us now from basket.

  • Good afternoon, Peter.

  • Coming up to 50 years next year on the National and the Ascot.

  • Ah, Royal Ascot.

  • Rather tell me how things have changed in all the time you've been involved.

  • So primitive wasn't in the early days.

  • Well, there've been a lot of changes since then.

  • Of course, 1947.

  • We had the first photo finish camera.

  • We have the first evening meeting.

  • 1965.

  • Moving on quickly.

  • We had the first starting stools.

  • They made it quite a dramatic difference or commentary point of view that have been enormous differences.

  • I used to commentate here and ask it from the roof of the old stand.

  • This was built in the rebuilt in the 19 sixties.

  • This is a great luxury of this box, but the open stands were not quite so easy, and one of the big snacks was when the queen was present.

  • The Royal standard would be flattering, and I couldn't see any of the start of the straight course.

  • It's so one of the officials very kindly.

  • And it's official, in fact, operates the lift of the members that good.

  • Would he usedto surreptitiously get hold of the flag and hold it close to the Mars so that I could see the start.

  • There were There were lots of lots of problems in those days, especially commentating from open scaffolds.

  • Sedgefield.

  • In places like that, I think we all know we're treated comparatively comfortable.

  • Sorry, Don't know what I was gonna say.

  • I think we all appreciate you have one of the most difficult jobs in sport.

  • You've still got to call the horses.

  • And but with all the advances in technology is the job easier knowing that sense that it was in the early days?

  • Well, I don't think it changes honestly.

  • Do get.

  • I think the most of the commentator can hope for is to annoy as few people as possible.

  • Remember, most people have had a better race, and you're inevitably relaying ill tidings and to some extent, your help partially accountable for them, too.

  • Now, you always commented, I believe, through the binoculars that you have with you there.

  • Those are the original binoculars.

  • I believe that you've had since the very start of your career.

  • Yes, they've gone missing a few times, but mercifully, they've always been retrieved on dhe.

  • I've been I've been using him for 50 years.

  • Well, originally come from that.

  • That's a bit of a mystery, but the story is that they came from a U boat originally.

  • Peter, lovely to hear from you.

  • We wish you well this afternoon, of course.

  • Three races coming up so well.

  • Let's take a look.

shortly but lunch there before then.


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BBC電視體育60週年暨1955年切爾滕納姆金盃賽。 (BBC TV Sport 60th anniversary & 1955 Cheltenham Gold Cup)

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