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  • Locusts are grasshoppers - with unusual superpowers.  When triggered by overcrowding they literally

    蝗蟲是一種蚱蜢 -- 有著不同尋常的超強力量。當它們被過度繁殖的壓力所激發時,

  • transform themselves - changing from green to brown, eating more, getting muscular, mating

    祂們自身會發生轉變 -- 從綠色變為棕色,吃得更多、長出更多肌肉、

  • more, and congregating in crowds. Then, their shy alteregos forgotten, they swarm across


  • the landscape, searching for food, colonizing and recolonizing breeding grounds, and being


  • a general nuisance. There are about a dozen locust species on

    全世界的蝗蟲大約有 12 個品種,

  • Earth, and only one has been found in North America: the Rocky Mountain locust, which

    而且只有一種在北美洲被發現 : 洛磯山蝗蟲。

  • devastated crops across the Great Plains from 1850 to 1880. The fact that the locusts preferred

    自 1850 到 1880 年,這種蝗蟲摧毀了大平原中的農作物。蝗蟲偏好傳統農作物更勝於草原的事實

  • cultivated crops to prairie grasses ensured that their massive swarms caught the attention


  • of white settlers... though really, the locusts would have been hard to miss.


  • One observer in Nebraska in 1875 watched a mile-high stream of locusts pass overhead

    1875 年,一位觀察者在內布拉斯加州觀測到一個高約一英里的蝗蟲遷徙流自上頭飛過,

  • for 5 days straight.  Together with telegraphed reports from neighboring towns, he estimated


  • the swarm to be 110 miles wide and 1,800 miles long, roughly twice the size of Colorado.

    這個遷徙群大約有 110 英里寬、1800 英里長,大約是科羅拉多州的兩倍大小。

  • During the biggest outbreaks, locusts consumed all crops in their path, as well as, reportedly,


  • fence posts, leather, and the wool off of sheep. They were such a challenge to the settlement


  • of the western US and Canada that bounty hunters were paid as much as $100 per bushel of dead

    美西和加拿大的定居點來說是個挑戰。它們以每蒲式耳蝗蟲 100 美元的價格支付給賞金獵人,

  • grasshoppers, and settlers dynamited their breeding grounds.


  • While these methods may have been more satisfying than successful, ultimately the settlers did


  • end up controlling the Rocky Mountain Locusts. In fact, they made them go extinct. By accident.


  • Locusts, like settlers, need to eat AND reproduce. And after outbreaks, locust populations typically


  • retreated back to their permanent breeding grounds in the valleys of the northern Rockies


  • to lay their eggs.


  • However, because these river bottomlands were fertile and had plenty of water, they were


  • also prime locations for pioneer farms and ranches. It turns out that plows, livestock


  • and irrigation excel at destroying locust eggs and crucial locust nymph habitat.


  • By the 1890s, swarming white settlers had covered so much western river bottomland that

    截至 1890 年代為止,蜂擁而至的白人定居者已遍及許多的西方河谷地以至於

  • the locusts weren't able to attain the numbers or density needed to transform into their


  • buff alteregos, and they never swarmed again. The disappearance of these super bugs less


  • than 30 years after they nearly ate agriculture off the Great Plains, is most likely the only

    消失還未滿 30 年,

  • extinction of a pest species in the history of agriculture. Because, it turns out, agriculture


  • was their kryptonite.

    超人之於 kryptonite (一種出現於《超人》中的礦石,是超人的剋星)

Locusts are grasshoppers - with unusual superpowers.  When triggered by overcrowding they literally

蝗蟲是一種蚱蜢 -- 有著不同尋常的超強力量。當它們被過度繁殖的壓力所激發時,


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北美大蝗災 (The Great North American Locust Plague)

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