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  • (When a man hit by a woman)

  • Actress: What are you doing?

  • Actor: I'm really sorry.

  • (Actress hit the man vigorously)

  • Actor: Seriously, why are you do this to me?

  • Actress: Doing this what?

  • (Continuous striking)

  • (Is it because the victim is a man?)

  • (Passerby didn't react for the scene.)

  • (It seems like a passerby interested in the scene,)

  • (But the passerby avoid the scene soon.)

  • Actress: You made a mistake!

  • You deserve it!

  • Come back to earth!

  • Is it misunderstanding? Is that so?

  • (A passerby did not even look at the scene.)

  • (They tried to make the scene more vigorously,)

  • (but due to the passerby's unconcern, the social experiment has finished.)

  • (When a woman hit by a man)

  • (Actor is yelling out.)

  • (Actor is giving heavy and pressing atmosphere.)

  • Actress: This is not the way you want.

  • Actor: What? Say it again.

  • (Continuous quarrel and violence.)

  • (Please pay attention to the man with a purple jacket.)

  • Purple jacket man: Hey!

  • Purple jacket man: How dare you do this to a girl? (He stops the scene clearly.)

  • Actor: She did something wrong to me.

  • Purple jacket man: What ever she did to you!

  • Actor: You tell him about what you commit // Purple jacket man: Are you a judge or something? How dare you use your hand like this!

  • Purple jacket man: Should I call a police?

  • Actor: Oh you like cause he stops me?

  • Purple jacket man: How dare you hit the girl like that!

  • (He keeps away the girl from the boy.)

  • Actor: Why are you doing this to me?

  • Purple jacket man: Doing what?

  • Actor: She is my girlfriend, and it's none of your business.

  • Purple jacket man: Is she a thing to you? She is a human!

  • You cannot commit violence even she made a mistake!

  • Actor: Come here!

  • Purple jacket man: Go.

  • Passerby: Shall I call the police?

  • Purple jacket man: No, you don't need to.

  • (He feels pain because he thought the actress as his own daughter.)

  • Actor: You come here.

  • He protects the girl till the end.

  • Actor: I said you come here.

  • (Social experiment has done which we can see father's heart.)

  • (Telling them it was a social experiment designed by the 'Pranky Friends'

(When a man hit by a woman)


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