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  • Idols are always busy

  • Having a lot of work is something to be grateful for

  • But health always comes first!

  • So many pretty members! 9 flowers

  • TWICE!

  • - There are bicycles for 3 people! - Really?

  • For two-timers?

  • You never know in life

  • Whatever she says, she makes everyone around her happy

  • Can't live without Sana~

  • 96/84 liner Idols that should be careful in 2020, Sana is No.2 on our list

  • Hi I'm Sana, the cute&sexy member of TWICE~

  • - She's the killing part queen of TWICE! - That's right

  • Sana's part always becomes the killing part of the song

  • The fanchants!

  • What kind of magic did TWICE show us in 2019?

  • TWICE's and was No.1 and No.2 on the top Girl group album sale chart

  • Worldwide fan's choice


  • TWICE received 4 awards at MAMA 2019!

  • - They were definitely the top girl group last year - Unbeatable!

  • Thank you for your support, we'll try hard to live up to your expectations

  • Thank you!

  • TWICE is on a roll!

  • So why is Sana on our list?

  • Sana...

  • I'm worried about her health

  • Oh... health

  • The energy of water strengthens

  • And the more she works, the more she's exhausted

  • So the more she works, it takes a toll on her health

  • So her health might be in jeopardy

  • Last year, TWICE was very busy with their world tour that started in Seoul and continued in America, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines

  • They are at the peak of their career, so TWICE is looking forward to another busy year

  • I don't really work out that much

  • So I'm feeling weak these days

  • Sana always gets sick during comeback seasons

  • Exercising regularly is a must!

  • She's a celebrity, so her 'dohwa' might work to her advantage

  • But she needs to be careful, she should try to act rationally

  • She might make a mistake with her words, so Sana should always be careful

  • - Maknae? - Yes maknae~

  • Her cute behavior always makes people smile

  • So we hope she doesn't get any trouble this year!

  • If she gets through 2020

  • She'll have better luck in 2021

  • So Sana should look after her health, and be careful with her words

  • Just like she's been doing all this time

  • Sana will be able to get through this year wisely

  • And most of all! Health always comes first!

  • So please look after your health!

  • - Health is all that matters - That's right

  • Exactly

  • 96/84 liner Idols that should be careful in 2020, Sana was No.2 on our list

  • Sana has to take care of her health in 2020

  • TWICE is busy all year round

  • We hope TWICE looks after their health as well this year!

  • Be VERIVERY healthy!

Idols are always busy


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