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  • - [Man] Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Famous for its stroopwafle or stroopwafles,

  • its marijuana (coughing),

  • I mean baked goods.

  • And it's delicious, slippery raw fish known as herring.

  • More importantly, Dutch new herring.

  • Yep, that's a headless raw fish. (ewing)

  • This one's gonna be delicious.

  • This is probably the most famous dish in the Netherlands.

  • But to understand why we must travel to the dish's origin.

  • Welcome to Scheveningen-

  • the seaside town obsessed with the herring,

  • illustrated by this giant herring eating statue.

  • I mean their town's flag even has three herrings on it.

  • Oh wait, sorry, that's a bad example; there we go.

  • Meet Cees. He's the owner of Haring Huisje.

  • - [Man] And chomp.

  • So let's go back to Amsterdam.

  • (bell ringing)

  • Here they eat the herring a little differently.

  • - [Man] But why the pickles and onions.

  • - [Man] The dish can't be found in restaurants-

  • only these last surviving herring stores

  • scattered around the dam.

  • (screeching)

  • (dinging)

  • (relax grunting)

  • - [Man] OK, wish me luck.

  • (light ragtime music)

  • (light electronica)

- [Man] Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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在荷蘭啜飲無頭的生魚片 (Slurping Down Headless, Raw Fish in the Netherlands)

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