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  • Hi! I'm Roy,

  • and today I'm going to tell you the difference

  • between 'continuously' and 'continually'.

  • Both of these words are adverbs,

  • and they can be confusing.

  • They look similar, but they have different meanings.

  • 'Continuously' means that something

  • 'doesn't stop or end'.

  • He spoke continuously for 15 minutes.

  • That means he spoke for 15 minutes without stopping.

  • 'Continually' is a 'repeated action

  • that happens over a period of time'

  • so something starts and stops over some time.

  • I continually tell my dog I love her.

  • That means it's a repeated event. I say it many times.

  • Well, that's all for today,

  • but we here at BBC Learning English

  • continually make new videos so keep watching!

  • Bye!

Hi! I'm Roy,


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持續與持續。有什麼區別?英語一分鐘 (Continuously vs continually: What's the difference? English In A Minute)

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