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  • Like pretty much every middle-class American, I got these things in the last few months.


  • And since using them more often, I've noticed something.


  • Uggggh!


  • The fact that AirPods fall out of your ear so easily has gotten been meme status lately, and it's something that third party sellers know very well.

    最近, Airpods 容易從耳朵掉出來的事情已變成迷因,而第三方賣家非常了解這個狀況。

  • All you gotta do to fix the problem is pay ten bucks for those little silicone headphone socks.


  • But why does this happen in the first place?


  • It seems like all the articles I found dismissed it as: "meh, maybe your ears are too big or it's earwax, or I don't know dude, you're the one who wasted 150 bucks on headphones."

    看起來我所找的文章都反駁了這些想法:「嗯,也許是你的耳朵太大或有耳垢。」或像是「兄弟,我也不知道,是你浪費了 150 美元買這副耳機的。」

  • But that answer isn't good enough for me, like...


  • There's a chance to imagine the body complexly here, there's a teachable moment, there's a way to see science.


  • So what is it about your ear anatomy that makes AirPods fall out so often?

    到底耳朵的結構是怎麼導致 Airpods 常掉出來?

  • OK, I'll entertain some of the earlier guesses:


  • Like, earwax?


  • Sure, but it's actually not that big of a deal here.


  • Earwax, or Sarumon... I mean cerumen is mostly cholesterol and fatty acids, so it's gonna reduce the friction between surfaces by dropping something called the coefficient of friction, which reduces the force required for those headphones to pop out.


  • But it's not gonna drop the force of friction down to zero, so we'd still need to look at the materials sliding past each other.


  • Airpods are made of a rigid silicone plastic, while these older headphones have rubber tips.

    Airpods 是由硬質矽膠所製,而以前的耳機有橡膠的耳塞套。

  • The rubber is gonna have a way higher coefficient of friction.


  • And the earwax will drop that number for both types of headphones, but I couldn't find the exact value.


  • Man, I Google weird stuff.


  • Got it, so there's a drop of friction because of earwax, but because of how AirPods interact with your ear anatomy, that really doesn't matter anyway.

    有了!摩擦係數會下降的原因是耳垢,但這裡討論的是 Airpods 和你身體間的相互作用,所以耳垢的問題並不重要。

  • To understand why though, we really need to know what part of the ear we're talking about.


  • We really don't care about the inner or middle ear, because, as far as I know, no headphones actually go that far down this tube, the external auditory meatus.


  • Plus, that outer part of the canal is still flexible, elastic cartilage.


  • According to a 2008 audiology textbook, it's an inch deep and about a quarter inch in diameter on average.

    根據一本 2008 年出版的聽力學教科書,外耳道平均有 1 英吋深且直徑 0.25 英吋。

  • That matters for traditional earbuds, but Airpods actually sit in the auricle, all the visible flexy stuff on the surface.

    這對使用傳統耳塞式的影響比較大,不過 Airpods 是掛在耳廓上,也就是我們所看到彎曲的耳朵外表。

  • This is the one-size-fits-all design benefit of AirPods.

    這是最適合所有人的大小,是 Airpods 設計上的一大優勢。

  • They don't insert into the ear, they sit on it.


  • Specifically it rests in a little nook called the concha up against the often pierced tragus and anti-tragus.


  • Here's what I thought was cool.


  • I read a few papers from plastic surgeons who reconstruct the outer ear and they found differences in auricle length between adults of almost a centimeter.

    我讀了幾篇負責重建外耳的整形醫師所撰寫的論文,他們發現成年人間的耳廓長度相差可達近 1 公分。

  • And they're not just different sizes, our ears might be as uniquely shaped as our fingerprints.


  • Forensic scientists have been testing ear biometrics as a way to identify people for years and like... what the heck I didn't think I was gonna go this far down the rabbit hole investigating this script.

    法醫學家多年來一直在測試耳朵生物識別技術以識別個人的身份... 哎,我到底在搞什麼?我沒想到我會繼續在這裡探討這個問題

  • The source linked in the description.


  • If I keep nerding out about this, we're gonna get way too off track.


  • These differences in ear shapes and sizes mean that some headphones are inherently gonna fit some people better than others, and we know that because of certain types of hearing aids, which sit in the same little ear nook as your AirPods.

    耳朵形狀和大小的差異代表有的耳機比較適合某些人,之所以會了解是因為某些助聽器像 Airpods 一樣只能掛在小小的耳道。

  • Plus, your left and right ear aren't totally identical.


  • It's completely normal for our bodies to not have perfect symmetry whether that's accumulation of soft tissue, leg length or our ears.


  • So your left ear might be a little bigger than your right ear, which makes it seem like one of the headphones is falling out more often than the other.


  • So are your ears actually too big?


  • No, it's just that everyone's ears are different, and yours are beautiful.


  • The last thing is movement.


  • You wouldn't be surprised if headphones fell out during exercise, but it's frustrating when it happens when you're sitting still.


  • Check this out, if you put your fingers in front of your tragus and open or close your jaw, you can feel something flex.


  • This is called the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, the pivot point between the temple and the jaw, which we call the mandible.

    這個位子是顳顎關節,簡稱 TMJ,是顳和下頜之間的車軸關節,稱為下頜骨。

  • While it might seem like the jaw hinges way lower on the skull, its joint is actually right next to the ear.


  • That motion alone isn't enough to rip the headphones out of your ear, but it is a nudge which ultimately makes them seem like they're falling out more often.


  • Okay, so here's some food for thought.


  • What I've noticed about my junior high students is that if you give them the opportunity, they'll wear their AirPods all day.

    我最近發現如果給我的初中學生機會,他們是能夠整天戴著 Airpods的。

  • They literally forget they're wearing headphones sometimes.


  • I wonder if how easily this product integrates with our lives makes it seem like every time one falls out, it surprises us and so it seems like a big deal.


  • Or maybe you're just freaking out since you spent so much money and you realize that... yeah, it's supposed to fall out.


  • Alright. Announcement time!


  • I've got a Patreon now!


  • This channel will always be a labor of love, but I do spend money on things like editing software and stock footage and coffee.


  • If you watch YouTube then you for sure know what Patreon is.

    如果你常看 YouTube 的影片,你應該會懂的。

  • And I'm not looking at this relationship as like a "oh, they give me money," I'm thinking of it as: you are part of the team.


  • You are down with the cause, you know what we do here and I appreciate that.


  • You want to become my first patron?


  • Head over to the little description blinky thing right here and check it out.


  • Have fun, be good.


  • Thanks for watching.


Like pretty much every middle-class American, I got these things in the last few months.


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