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  • I graduated from college in 1951.

  • This was the six years after the end of the war,

  • and a lot of new ideas were coming into Japan -- democracy, women's

  • education. It was a rather exciting time. There were opportunities for graduate

  • students, but the interesting part of The Rotary Foundation fellowship seemed to

  • me that you were supposed to be the ambassador going to another country to

  • build friendship and understanding.

  • That was rather attractive to me -- to go abroad and study.

  • It was very exciting.

  • Americans were generous -- this was the time when America was very confident as

  • the world leader. I went to many Rotary meetings. I was very happy to be exposed

  • to this world of organized service. I was learning a new way of life that I

  • was trying to bring back to Japan.

  • I don't think I can claim to have chosen a path to service because my service was

  • very much more in the academic world in the diplomatic world. But if I had not

  • gone on a Rotary fellowship I would have just stayed in the University.

  • I think the idea of service may have come in rather naturally

  • because of my early exposure.

  • Each person gives something back in a different way.

  • Rotary Alumni Global Service Award.

  • This is a great honor and a surprise pleasure.

  • I would like to thank Rotary because it was great fun being invited to various

  • places or represented by people of very varied what shall I say professional

  • coverage, and I learned so much but I have to having been a Rotary fellow.

  • Arigato. Thank you very much.

I graduated from college in 1951.


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服務理念"--緒方貞子的回顧 ('The Idea of Service' -- Sadako Ogata Looks Back)

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