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  • Job interviews in Japan are an etiquette minefield

  • for foreigners and locals alike

  • what to wear?

  • uniformity is paramount

  • Plain black suit, white shirt, black bag, black shoes, tie that's any color other than black or white

  • always knock three times on the interviewer's door

  • two knocks is for checking if a toilet cubicle is vacant

  • Occupied

  • say "excuse me," bow and walk to the left side of the chair

  • Make sure you're bowing correctly

  • bend forward from the hips with a straight back

  • 30 degrees upon entering, and 45 degrees when you leave

  • sit straight and don't lean back in your chair

  • men, put one hand on each knee - women, keep them in your lap

  • and never, ever be late.

  • or you may as well have stayed home

Job interviews in Japan are an etiquette minefield


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Job Interviews in Japan Are an Etiquette Minefield

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