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  • What sort of a mindset would lay siege to 8 million people

  • with 900,000 troops?

  • Women, children, sick people locked in as animals.

  • Of what I know of England, if 8 million animals were locked in

  • the RSPCA would have made a lot of noise about it.

  • These are human beings. [applause]

  • What is going to happen when the curfew is lifted

  • will be a bloodbath.

  • The people will come out, there are 900,000 troops there.

  • These 900,000 troops, what are they going to do

  • when they come out?

  • There will be a bloodbath.

  • Mr president, has anyone thought of what happens when there's a bloodbath?

  • And we will fight. [applause]

  • And when a nuclear armed country fights to the end,

  • it will have consequences far beyond the borders.

  • It will have consequences for the world which is why, I repeat, I'm here.

  • Because I'm warning you. It's not a threat, it's a fear, a worry.

  • Where are we headed?

  • I've come here to tell the UN, you've got to ...

  • This is a test for the United Nations.

  • You are the ones who guaranteed the people of Kashmir

  • the right of self determination. [applause]

  • This is the time to take action and the number one action must be

  • that India must lift this inhuman curfew, which has lasted for 55 days.

  • The world community must give the people of Kashmir self determination.

  • Thank you.

What sort of a mindset would lay siege to 8 million people


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伊姆蘭-汗警告克什米爾可能發生核戰爭,並敦促聯合國進行干預。 (Imran Khan warns of potential nuclear war in Kashmir, urges UN to intervene)

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