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  • I'm a lion conservationist.

    譯者: Zeddi Lee 審譯者: Amanda Chu

  • Sounds cool, doesn't it?


  • Some people may have no idea what that means.


  • But I'm sure you've all heard about Cecil the lion.


  • [Cecil the Lion (2002-2015)]


  • (Lion roaring)

    [ 塞西爾獅子(2002-2015)]

  • He roars no more.


  • On the second of July, 2015,


  • his life was cut short when he was killed by a trophy hunter.

    2015 年 7 月 2 日,

  • They say that you can become attached to the animals you study.


  • That was the case for me with Cecil the lion,


  • having known him and studied him for three years


  • in Hwange National Park.

    我在辛巴威的萬基國家公園 認識並研究牠三年的時間,

  • I was heartbroken at his death.


  • But the good thing to come out of this tragedy


  • is the attention that the story brought

    有關的報導讓更多人關注 受到威脅的野生動物所處的困境。

  • towards the plight of threatened wild animals.


  • After Cecil's death,


  • I began to ask myself these questions:

    如果塞西爾獅子鄰近的居民 參與保護牠的工作,

  • What if the community that lived next to Cecil the lion


  • was involved in protecting him?

    如果我在 10 歲而不是 29 歲時認識塞西爾,

  • What if I had met Cecil when I was 10 years old, instead of 29?

    我或是班上同學 會不會改變牠的命運?

  • Could I or my classmates have changed his fate?


  • Many people are working to stop lions from disappearing,

    但其中多數人都並不是 那些國家的人或鄰近的居民,

  • but very few of these people are native to these countries

    生活在獅子附近的居民 最適合就近來幫助這些獅子。

  • or from the communities most affected.

    當地的人們應當站在前線, 為野生動物所面臨的挑戰解決問題。

  • But the communities that live with the lions

    有時候,變革只有在受到衝擊的人 站出來領導時才會發生。

  • are the ones best positioned to help lions the most.

    當地居民在對抗盜獵及野生動物 非法交易方面扮演很重要的角色,

  • Local people should be at the forefront

    這些非法行為是獅子 和其他野生動物面臨的主要威脅。

  • of the solutions to the challenges facing their wildlife.


  • Sometimes, change can only come


  • when the people most affected and impacted take charge.


  • Local communities play an important role

    因為他們很少認識 長得像我一樣的保育人士。

  • in fighting poaching and illegal wildlife trade,

    成長過程中,我不知道 野生動物保育也是一種職業。

  • which are major threats affecting lions and other wildlife.

    第一次在自己的國家 看到野生動物時,

  • Being a black African woman in the sciences,

    我已經 25 歲了,

  • the people I meet are always curious to know

    而獅子和非洲野生犬類卻居住在 離我家只有幾英里的地方,

  • if I've always wanted to be a conservationist,


  • because they don't meet a lot of conservationists

    因為即使野生動物 是我們的文化遺產,

  • who look like me.


  • When I was growing up,

    我小時候根本不知道 獅子就住在我家後院。

  • I didn't even know that wildlife conservation was a career.


  • The first time I saw a wild animal in my home country

    那是 10 年前一個寒冷的冬晨,

  • was when I was 25 years old,

    我到那裡研究非洲野生犬類, 那是我碩士研究計畫的一部分,

  • even though lions and African wild dogs

    我對於周遭的美和寧靜 感到目眩神迷,

  • lived just a few miles away from my home.


  • This is quite common in Zimbabwe,


  • as many people are not exposed to wildlife,


  • even though it's part of our heritage.


  • When I was growing up,


  • I didn't even know that lions lived in my backyard.

    如果我們當時有機會 與野生動物互動,

  • When I stepped into Savé Valley Conservancy

    也許有很多同學 現在會與我並肩工作。

  • on a cold winter morning 10 years ago

    除非當地居民想保護野生動物, 並與牠們共存,

  • to study African wild dogs for my master's research project,

    所有在保育方面的努力 可能都會徒勞無功。

  • I was mesmerized by the beauty and the tranquility that surrounded me.

    這些居民和野生動物 生活在同一個生態系中,

  • I felt like I had found my passion and my purpose in life.


  • I made a commitment that day

    如果他們與野生動物 沒有直接的關聯,也沒有因此受益,

  • that I was going to dedicate my life to protecting animals.


  • I think of my childhood school days in Zimbabwe

    如果當地社會不保護 他們的野生動物,

  • and the other kids I was in school with.

    再多外來的干預 或援助都不會有效果。

  • Perhaps if we had a chance to interact with wildlife,


  • more of my classmates would be working alongside me now.


  • Unless the local communities want to protect and coexist with wildlife,

    並幫助民眾發展更多技能 來保育野生動物。

  • all conservation efforts might be in vain.

    我們必須將學童 和民眾帶到國家公園,

  • These are the communities that live with the wild animals


  • in the same ecosystem


  • and bear the cost of doing so.


  • If they don't have a direct connection


  • or benefit from the animals,


  • they have no reason to want to protect them.

    當地的保育人士 必須參與每一項保育工作。

  • And if local communities don't protect their wildlife,

    如果我們要建立彼此的信任 並將保育的觀念深植於民眾心裡,

  • no amount of outside intervention will work.

    身為地方保育人士, 我們面臨很多阻礙,

  • So what needs to be done?

    像是當面的歧視 一直到固有文化的隔閡。

  • Conservationists must prioritize environmental education


  • and help expand the community's skills to conserve their wildlife.

    我會繼續引導當地住民社會 共同來為地球的生存而奮鬥。

  • Schoolchildren and communities must be taken to national parks,


  • so they get a chance to connect with the wildlife.

    我們必須主動去除 這些我們自己造成的阻礙,

  • At every effort and every level,

    也就是不要再將當地住民 排除在保育行列之外。

  • conservation must include the economies of the people


  • who share the land with the wild animals.

    一旦我的鄰居認識了 住在隔壁的野生動物,

  • It is also critical that local conservationists

    我知道他們也會願意 和我一樣這麼做。

  • be part of every conservation effort,


  • if we are to build trust and really embed conservation into communities.


  • As local conservationists, we face many hurdles,

  • from outright discrimination to barriers because of cultural norms.

  • But I will not give up my efforts

  • to bring indigenous communities to this fight

  • for the survival of our planet.

  • I'm asking you to come and stand together with me.

  • We must actively dismantle the hurdles we have created,

  • which are leaving indigenous populations out of conservation efforts.

  • I've dedicated my life to protecting lions.

  • And I know my neighbor would, too,

  • if only they knew the animals that lived next door to them.

  • Thank you.

  • (Applause)

I'm a lion conservationist.

譯者: Zeddi Lee 審譯者: Amanda Chu


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