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  • (speaking foreign language)

  • - It's really special to see

  • the black rhino.

  • Since we started here we have seen

  • only six rhino here.

  • They from Maasai Mara, Kenya.

  • See it?

  • So they used to cross the river

  • and they come this area here

  • because nowaday Maasai Mara looks crowded.

  • They say that they destroyed their habitats.

  • That's why they're coming this side.

  • Have a look at the ears.

  • You could see they have a notch, you see?

  • That's how to identify these.

  • Before it's estimated that there are 2000 rhinos

  • in that area, but nowaday there's just a few

  • because of the poachers here.

  • Now they are endangered species.

  • (somber music)

(speaking foreign language)


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B1 中級 美國腔

在塞倫蓋蒂尋找難以捉摸的黑犀牛。 (Scouring the Serengeti for the Elusive Black Rhino)

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