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  • (water dripping)

  • (slow music)

  • - To play the instrument that is utilizing our gentle Earth,

  • it's like you're becoming one with the instrument

  • in a very true way.

  • You just sit and go, yes.

  • We're looking at The Great Stalacpipe Organ

  • of the Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia.

  • When I press a key, it sends an electrical pulse

  • up to a rubber-tipped mallet, which strikes the stalactite,

  • causing it to vibrate, and producing a incredibly beautiful

  • musical tone.

  • The area that the strikers cover is roughly

  • three and a half acres, which then makes it literally

  • the world's largest musical instrument.

  • (water dripping)

  • It is a very gentle sound, very peaceful.

  • There's only one like it in the world,

  • and it's something incredibly different

  • and wonderfully beautiful.

  • (water dripping)

(water dripping)


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B1 中級 美國腔

真正的現場洞窟音樂。驚歎於世界上最大的樂器 (Real Live Cave Music: Marvel at the World's Largest Instrument)

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