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  • Young but stocky, a baby sportsman

  • (That photo?)

  • The youngest taekwondo player to receive '1 pum' from kukkiwon

  • All the medals are mine!

  • Everyone thought he was going to become the next star taekwondo player of Korea

  • But, he appeared on a very different stage

  • He entered a different competition

  • Kim Yo Han of X1 is No.7 on today's list

  • - Wow! Lucky 7! - Thank you

  • Out of countless male idols!

  • This is embarrassing

  • That's a good photo

  • Kim Yo Han has broken into our hearts

  • However

  • Despite his charismatic appearance

  • He is beloved due to his silly and cute personality

  • With his incredible lung capacity, he stole the hearts of so many women!

  • Hilarious!

  • (Why did I do that)

  • Also chosen as the visual center by fellow trainees

  • Kim Yo Han!

  • Everyone approves of his visuals He's got everything

  • Do you see those views? Is that possible?

  • That's incredible!

  • He's still a rookie, isn't that impressive?

  • After 3 months of training

  • Kim Yo Han became a superstar Idol!

  • Now let's analyze his gorgeous face!

  • His brows are very thick and full

  • We call that 'wajam-mi'

  • 'Wajam-mi' refers to brows that look like caterpillars

  • (Let's see?)

  • (Yeah they do look like caterpillars)

  • (Yeah they do)

  • People with 'wajam-mi' have the potential to succeed and become popular

  • Men with straight, full brows tend to be passionate

  • They tend to be enthusiastic and active (U-KNOW has similar brows too!)

  • And the edge of his eyes are lower than the front of his eyes

  • That gives him a gentle and soft image

  • Which helps with his popularity

  • His face is perfect!

  • But the most prominent feature on his face is his plump lips

  • He has very plump, full lips

  • And his lips have a soft, pretty color

  • Those type of lips invite love and affection

  • If he uses his voice or words in his career

  • He will be loved by a lot of people

  • Embarrassed by her compliments

  • Look at him ha ha

  • (I can't watch anymore)

  • He was born to be loved

  • Becoming an Idol was his destiny?!

  • His top lip is fuller than his bottom lip

  • That means he's great at expressing his feelings

  • Maybe that's why he's so affectionate towards his members

  • He was born to love and be loved

  • (How long do we have to do this...?)

  • (Adorable)

  • He was meant to love and be loved, even I'm jealous!

  • The best male Idol faces, No.7 was Kim Yo Han with his lovable lips!

Young but stocky, a baby sportsman


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[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [13회] 태권소년, 아이돌은 천직인 엑원스 김요한 190911 EP.13 ([ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [13회] 태권소년, 아이돌은 천직인 엑스원 김요한 190911 EP.13)

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