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  • An Idol who has the face for good fortune

  • The Idol member with the best face ever!

  • Hey, is this your first time with Bangtan?

  • BTS's leader RM

  • Is No.1 on 'The best male Idol faces'

  • What's your dream!

  • Shouting, 'What's your dream?!'

  • Hip hop warriors, BTS made their debut!

  • You think this is hip hop? I don't think so

  • BTS's rap lyrics? You call that lyrics?

  • I'll prove it to you!

  • This is what he went through in the past

  • One of the reasons why BTS was able to succeed?

  • What is it?

  • RM is a great leader

  • So I respect him

  • It's leader RM's leadership skills

  • (Leader, are you paying attention?!)

  • RM comforts his fellow members, and sometimes he helps them stay strong

  • What facial features help him lead a world wide group like BTS?

  • The first thing that caught my attention are

  • his brow bones

  • Most people have straight brow bones

  • But his brow bones are in a arch shape

  • We call it the 'geo-o-gol'

  • This kind of brow bone

  • Helps you become famous in your field

  • He also has 'nan' eyes just like Kang Daniel

  • So his fame will last a very long time

  • His forehead is in a sharp 3 shape

  • And people with this kind of forehead have very clear opinions

  • That means, he has great leadership skills He makes the other members feel comfortable

  • BTS, it must be great to have a leader like him!

  • He also has valuable moles

  • He has a mole above his eyes

  • He has two

  • They are in a parallel line, around the end of his eyes

  • In this case

  • In old times, he could've become a count

  • He is capable of great success, and he's treated well by others

  • His moles have a very positive effect

  • (Maybe I should draw a mole...?)

  • And as you can see, he also has dimples

  • Dimples are a symbol of likability and popularity

  • And round ears, his round ears

  • Have great potential in terms of diplomacy

  • Not only dancing and singing

  • There's a reason why he was able to make that speech!

  • He would've been successful in any field, not just as a celebrity

  • For example

  • He would've been a successful businessman

  • His nose and cheeks show good fortune in terms of money and wealth

  • He would've been a great leader in a company, or in any group

  • How far can he make it?

  • Hmm

  • He's capable of becoming the next CEO of Bighit Entertainment

  • He's on another level!

  • Bighit or BTS

  • RM can do anything he wants~!

  • Success in any given field, the best male Idol face

  • No.1 was RM of BTS

An Idol who has the face for good fortune


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[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [13회] 아이돌 최고의 관상 1위 BTS RM 190911 EP.13。 ([ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [13회] 아이돌 최고의 관상 1위 BTS RM 190911 EP.13)

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