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  • Hello lovely people. Jamie Oliver here.

  • I hope you well. It's time for a few

  • barbecuing tips. Okay, tip number one.

  • Make yourself a herb brush. Really, really cool.

  • Basically any woody herbs. Rosemary, thyme,

  • sage, bay, oregano. Tie it on to a spoon or

  • a stick and just put it in some oil and

  • put it all around meat, fish, flat breads,

  • vegetables. It's absolutely fantastic.

  • It keeps things moist and delicious

  • but adds a beautiful layer of flavor and

  • it does a really, really good job. Must try that.

  • Tip number two. Next time you're

  • in the garden center and you see those

  • little water spritzes, brilliant.

  • Get a couple of those. Write on it vinegar, okay?

  • Do some flavored vinegars. Chili, some herbs,

  • some red white wine vinegar in there.

  • Spritz that on your meat as it

  • starts to sizzle and as you turn it.

  • It's good for two things, amazing for flavor

  • and two it keeps those flames down and

  • stops you burning your meat as well.

  • Tip number three. Whether working on gas or

  • charcoal or wood fires. Always try to

  • have a hot area and a cool area

  • and ideally have it graduating from one to

  • the other. This way you can have direct heat,

  • get color and caramelization and

  • then take it through and just finish it

  • off and then slow cook it, so it's sweet

  • and delicious and gorgeous.

  • Next thing, flavored salts. They're brilliant.

  • Especially for delicate things like pork,

  • chicken and seafood. Just smash up any

  • herbs of your choice. Spices, chilies, ginger.

  • Get a combination that you love.

  • Smash it up to a pulp and then add in salt.

  • Let it dry on a tray and then smash

  • it up again. It will last for a couple of

  • months and that just simply on a piece

  • of fish or beautiful vegetables will

  • make so much difference. Gorgeous flavor, really subtle.

  • Next if you want

  • incredible meat with an amazing flavor

  • around the outside. If you use regular

  • steaks or chops, cut like that big.

  • They're going to be cooked so quickly.

  • You'll never be a get the proper color

  • on it, so get a double or a triple steak

  • or chop, okay? This way you can spend a

  • bit more time getting that beautiful

  • bark as we call it.

  • It's caramelized and got that amazing

  • flavor and it's still blushing and juicy

  • in the middle. Invest in that and your

  • barbecues will never be the same again.

  • As you know I am very passionate about

  • cooking outside and all the fun to be had with

  • friends and family and beautiful food.

  • So me and my barbecue team have been

  • beavering away and we've created some

  • amazing products for you guys to check out.

  • All the way from small, fun, colorful,

  • portable barbecues. Up to the beautiful

  • gas barbecue here, this is a four burner,

  • and it gets even bigger than this.

  • A big old six burner and that's getting greedy

  • but it's a very beautiful thing.

  • So if you want to check out all the barbecues

  • that we're doing and a whole load of the

  • accessories that come with it.

  • Check out the website below and there's

  • loads more stuff to come.

  • Good luck. Take care. Happy cooking.

Hello lovely people. Jamie Oliver here.


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