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  • hey guys ~ welcome back


  • today we're gonna talk about how to make and save more money

    今天我們要談論 如何存更多的錢

  • specifically mindsets and how to find your side hustle

    特別是怎麼以調整心態的方式 還有如何找到你的副業

  • taking inspiration from my favorite..


  • one of my favorite books 'Start With Why'

    《Start With Why》

  • we're gonna start talking about why it's important to know..


  • why you want to make money, why do you want to save money


  • and then go into how you're gonna make money, how are you gonna save money


  • talking about mindsets, habits, as well as lifestyle habits

    會討論到心態、習慣 以及生活模式等等

  • and then we're gonna go into what can you do to make and save more money


  • this is where we're gonna talk about how you can find your side hustle

    這就是我會如何討論 如何找到你的副業

  • how can you create your dream job


  • how can you turn your dream job into a career


  • and the people who have done it before to take inspiration from

    還有一些用這種方式探索過、做過的人 的經驗分享等

  • aaaand yes.. let's get started


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    像是Sephora, Ulta, Shoes.com等

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    而這個網站的功能是 你可以直接在逛街購物過程中

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  • and without further ado..

    好的不多說~ 讓我們進入這個主題吧!

  • the first and most important thing is to find your North Star

    首先也是最重要的事便是: 找到你的北極星(目標)

  • find your 'why' or why you're doing what you're doing


  • specifically when it comes to wanting to save money and wanting to make money

    特別是針對 為何想存錢以及為何麼想賺錢

  • how badly do you want to save and make more money


  • for what reason do you want to save and make more money


  • something rooted in kindness and something bigger than yourself

    以良善作為立基出發 還有比自己更大的東西為出發點

  • will probably take you much further in the long-run


  • compared to something that's rooted in greed and yourself and the things that you want

    跟那些以慾望為出發點 比較來說

  • but at the end of the day.. we all have our own needs


  • we all have our own internal motivational driving forces


  • so figure out what that is and then you'll be able to do everything else

    所以首先先找出他們是什麼 然後你才能繼續探討其他東西

  • the more specific you are with your 'why'..


  • the more you will be able to subconsciously and consciously guide yourself to your goal

    那你就越有可能無意識或有意識地 帶領自己達到你的目標

  • of all the things that you want to do


  • specifically making more money and saving more money


  • when I was in high school.. I wanted to be financially independent

    我在高中的時候 想要經濟獨立

  • or I want to make some money for myself so that I could go to EDC

    我想要自己賺錢 這樣就可以去電音派對

  • and so that I could go to raves


  • and so that I could go out and do stuff and have fun with my friends


  • because I didn't want to keep taking money from my mom


  • because taking money from my mom means that she has control over me

    因為跟她拿錢 代表她有權控制我

  • so if I make money for myself then I can do what I want to do with it

    所以如果我有錢的話 我就可以自由地運用

  • I can spend my money however I want to spend it


  • fast forward to a few years ago..


  • I wanted to be financially independent so that I can fully support myself

    我想要經濟獨立 是因為我想要能夠完全餵飽自己

  • and so that I can start giving money back to my parents


  • not that my parents need money but to me..

    也不是因為他們需要錢,而是因為 對我來說...

  • them having raised me and supported me emotionally, financially, physically like..

    他們養育我 不論在精神上、金錢上、或是物質上

  • everything that you can imagine


  • I want to give them the life that they gave me but like give back 100x

    我想要回饋給他們 他們曾付出的,但是是加百倍奉還!

  • so be it my attention, be it my presence, be it my love, be it my anything

    可能藉由我的關注、我的存在陪伴、 我的愛、我的任何東西

  • including finances like.. I just want to shower them with love

    包括金錢... 我就是想要以大量的愛回饋他們

  • and this isn't to say that like money = love


  • but it's like.. it's a part of it you know

    而是~你知道的 他也是表現愛的其中一種方式

  • so a really good book to read to find your 'why' is 'Start With Why'

    有一本書,對於找尋你的「why」很有幫助 那就是《Start With Why》

  • and then I think he has a new book that's called something like 'Find Your Why'

    然後好像同一個作者還有出另外一本書 叫做《Find Your Why》

  • I'll leave both of those down below


  • so the second thing..


  • how are you gonna make more money


  • how are you gonna save more money


  • so 'how' in a sense like..

    「how」指的是 (「how」(如何)=過程 也就是實踐why的舉動)

  • what are you going to do with your life..

    你要如何規劃你的人生 (「how」(如何)=過程 也就是實踐why的舉動)

  • and your lifestyle, and your habits, your spending habits..


  • what are you gonna do so that it'll allow you time to make more money

    你要怎麼做 才能讓你自己能夠存更多錢

  • and it'll allow you the opportunities to save more money


  • so I think what this really comes down to is


  • what are you willing to give up and what aren't you willing to give up

    你能夠犧牲什麼 或是不能犧牲放棄什麼

  • I really like the saying where it's you can have it all but not at the same time

    我很喜歡一種說法: 你可以擁有全部的東西,但並非一次就能獲得所有

  • at different points in your life you're going to prioritize

    在你不同的人生階段 你必須去排列

  • prioritize different things


  • if making money and if saving money is what you want to do..


  • what are you gonna prioritize


  • for example how are you gonna spend your time


  • are you gonna spend your time going with your friends


  • spending money that you could be saving


  • or are you gonna spend your time trying to work out


  • and trying to find your 'why' so you can figure out how you're gonna support your 'why'

    你的「why」,這麼一來你就可以間接 知道你要如何做才能支持你的「why」

  • and what you're gonna do to fulfill your 'why'


  • and then here too.. it's like spending habits..

    一樣的 花錢的習慣

  • what are you willing to give up? what aren't you willing to give up?

    你可以犧牲什麼? 你不能犧牲什麼?

  • if you just need to have your coffee from your favorite coffee shop every single morning

    如果你每天早上 都必須來一杯你最愛的咖啡

  • then.. continue doing that


  • but then cut expenses in other areas of your life where you can cut

    但是你可以從生活其他面向 減少你的支出

  • so just asking yourselves these questions of..


  • what are you willing to give up and what aren't you willing to give up?


  • so time is something more macro which is something that's broader


  • and giving up your daily coffee or not.. that's something more micro

    不喝每日咖啡相較來說 是一件比較小的事情

  • these are just examples to show you guys that under the macro umbrella..

    這裡子只是想要讓你們了解 在所有事物之下

  • there's time, there can be pride, there could be ego


  • there could be your sense of self or this like idea of yourself


  • that like you need to be perfect and you can't fail because


  • when it comes down to what you want to give up and you don't want to give up

    當你問自己這個問題 什麼能放棄,什麼不能放棄

  • you might not want to give up that image of yourself but..


  • and I rarely tell you guys what to do and what not to do


  • but I feel like if you're not doing things because you're afraid of failure

    但我覺得如果你不去做一件事 只因為你害怕失敗的話

  • that is one thing that I'm gonna tell you guys


  • ~ don't be afraid of failure ~


  • like it's okay to fail


  • no one is perfect


  • there's this really good quote from 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' that says..


  • "Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are."


  • "Failure is a part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success."

    失敗是成功的過程。 因此不願面對失敗的人也會失去成功的機會。」

  • and under the micro umbrella..


  • there'll be like your daily cup of coffee


  • your daily lifestyle decisions, your purchase decisions..


  • how you spend your money


  • you can cook for yourself


  • there's so many things that you can do in your life to figure out..


  • ok, where exactly am I spending the most money


  • can I cut expenses here? can I cut expenses here?


  • can I cut expense across all of these things?


  • do I need to buy that thing?


  • do I need to buy this thing?.. like probably not

    我一定要買這樣東西嗎? ....好像也不需要

  • there's a very big difference between what we want and what we need


  • and I think I talk about this in more detail in another video that I'll link up there

    我在另個影片裡面有比較詳細地談到這件事 我會把連結上在這裏

  • and link down below about budgeting

    然後會把控制預算相關的影片 放在下面資訊欄

  • so all of that can be summed up in: prioritizing is so important

    以上這些可以用一句話總結: 排出事情的先後重要順序

  • prioritizing what's important to you


  • knowing what's important to you


  • and figuring out how you can apply that into your life


  • so at the end of the day.. I really believe that mindset is so important

    其實到最後 我發現也相信「心態」很重要

  • if we are constantly believing that we can't, that we shouldn't, that we cannot

    如果我們常常覺得我們 無法、不應該、做不到

  • ~ cannot is can't ~

    如果我們常常覺得我們 無法、不應該、做不到

  • if we just keep talking down ourselves


  • and if we keep..


  • not even belittling but like.. if you believe you can't do it

    也不是說輕視... 但就是一直覺得自己辦不到

  • then like you won't be able to do it, right?

    這樣一來 你就真的可能辦不到不是嗎?

  • because if you don't believe in yourself then no one's gonna believe in you

    因為連你都不相信自己了 那還有誰會相信你

  • so I think it's so important for us to believe in ourselves

    所以我相信自己 是很重要的

  • to believe in our self-worth


  • to give ourselves the love and the care that we deserve


  • which includes believing that you're deserving of everything that you work for

    包括你值得擁有 你認真爭取、付出努力獲得的東西

  • and that success and that money can come if you really put in the work

    還有如果你認真工作 就能獲得相對應應得的成功跟收入

  • like really put in the work to figure out what your thing is


  • and we're gonna get into this in the next section


  • so two really good books for this would be 'Think and Grow Rich' as well as "Rich Dad Poor Dad'

    我推薦兩本很棒的書 《思考致富》跟《窮爸爸富爸爸》

  • these books are both very very helpful in mindsets


  • so what can you do to make money and what can you do to save money

    好的~ 所以你可以怎麼做去賺錢跟存錢呢

  • let's start with what can you do to make money

    讓我們從可以怎麼做去賺錢開始說起 (what=結果 你做了什麼=why的結果)

  • a few of guys have asked me..


  • what some ideas are of creative side hustles that you guys can do

    有哪寫創意的副業 是你們可以從事的

  • I'm not gonna give you guys a direct answer


  • because it's very easy to Google like 'what are some great ideas for side hustles'


  • and then just do whatever comes to mind


  • but I think what's more important is to ask yourself..

    但我覺得比較重要的是 要問自己

  • what makes you excited, right?


  • like for me.. thrifting made me happy and thrifting makes me really excited

    像對我來說: thrifting(買二手貨)可以讓我感到很興奮

  • very therapeutic to me and I really like finding good deals

    也很療癒 而且我很喜歡找哪裡有好貨

  • and so when I started selling my own clothes that I bought from you know a few years ago

    所以幾年前 我開始轉賣我買的衣服

  • I would buy some designer pieces that are like $20

    我會買一些設計師衣服 當時大約二十美元

  • I'd be able to list it on eBay


  • sell it for you know $100 after wearing it for a few years

    然後在穿了幾年後 以100美元售出

  • I realized that there was a market for clothes online

    我發現線上售衣 有不錯的市場

  • maybe some people don't want to go through the trouble of thrifting

    因為可能有一些人覺得麻煩 不想要自己去採買二手衣

  • maybe some people don't have access to thrift shops


  • kind of like putting two and two together..


  • I started thrifting and reselling online on eBay


  • and I made a few videos back in the day when my channel first started about that

    我做了一些影片 關於這件事

  • so what this means is basically just finding something that you love doing already

    我要說的是 你可以找一些你原本就喜歡的事

  • and see if there's any way that you can make money on it

    然後看有沒有辦法 用這些事賺錢

  • here are some more examples


  • I'm sure you guys know Marie Kondo


  • KonMari method of tidying


  • the magic of tidying, in your closet, decluttering


  • letting go of things that don't spark joy in your life

    去除掉那些不會再為你的生活 帶來快樂的東西

  • when I first read her book..


  • it's a great book and it really helped me declutter my life for sure

    便覺得他的書很棒 而且真的協助我去清理我的生活

  • but what I found fascinating was the fact that she made a career out of cleaning

    但我覺得更有趣的是 他把「整理」這件事情,做出一番事業來

  • you know like she made her career out of tidying things


  • and she talks about how she genuinely loves and enjoys and appreciates


  • the act of cleaning and the act of tidying


  • and helping people achieve that state of calm and peace within themselves

    還有協助一些人透過整理東西 獲得心情的平靜

  • and just with their surroundings and with their environment


  • so when I read that I was just like if she can clean and make a career out of it..


  • then I can.. in theory.. find something that I really love doing

    我就想說,那照這樣來說 我應該也可以找一些我愛的事情來做

  • slash something that I really like talking about online


  • and make a career out of it too


  • another example is one of my cousins loves cooking

    另外一個例子是 我親戚很喜歡烹飪

  • so while he's hosting private dinners..


  • because he's just starting out.. he's not making too much money

    但因為他剛起步 所以沒有賺太多錢

  • especially if he's sourcing ingredients from Whole Foods and farmers markets

    特別是他很常從Whole Foods(美國連鎖超級市場)跟農夫市集取得食材

  • and using like organic, locally-sourced, in-season produce


  • he can't charge that much yet because he's just starting out


  • so on the side.. his side hustle for a side hustle..

    所以呢 他除了這個副業還有另外一個副業

  • he's selling gourmet cookies on Etsy that are literally so bomb

    他在etsy上面 賣壹些非常厲害的餅乾

  • I'm gonna throw a picture up there


  • if you guys want to check it out


  • and maybe consider buying some for yourself


  • and supporting my humble cousin


  • I'll leave the link down below


  • another one of my friends started teaching courses online


  • he used to be in sales so he's very good at talking

    他之前在當sales 所以他的口條很好

  • he's very good at teaching


  • he's very good at selling


  • so he is doing his own courses online


  • and a few of my cousins are doing Amazon wholesale

    然後我也有一些親戚在Amazon上面 做批發

  • so they will find products in Asia and sell it on Amazon

    他們會在亞洲找到一些商品 然後在Amazon上面賣

  • and that's something that you know..


  • these are just to give you guys examples


  • that if you really really wanted to do something you will find a way to do these things

    如果你很想要做一件事 你便會想辦法找到方法去做

  • all of the people I listed, including myself, I didn't want to work a 9 to 5 job

    以上我列舉的例子,包括我自己 我不想要朝九晚五的工作

  • I didn't want to do the things that people were doing..


  • not because I didn't want to do that..


  • because I just didn't find it fulfilling


  • so I went out of my way to ask myself..


  • what would a meaningful life look like to me?

    對我來說一個有意義的人生 會是什麼樣子?

  • what would a fulfilling life look like to me?


  • and that led me like so many places


  • and I ended up here, right?

    最後我到達這兒了 對吧?

  • but if you never take that first step..


  • for example like my cousin


  • he may not get far, he may get very far..


  • but he'll never know if he doesn't start

    但他永遠不會知道發展會是如何 如果他都沒嘗試過的話

  • so..


  • more of all of that is really asking yourself

    最重要的是 問自己

  • what do you like doing already?


  • what do you like talking about already?


  • what do you like learning about already?


  • what do you like spending your free time on already?


  • and how.. or if it is possible for you to find a way to monetize that


  • or for you to be able to make money out of doing any of those things that you like to do


  • and if I'm being honest..


  • maybe in the beginning you won't be able to pick and choose these things

    在一開始你可能對這些事情 不太有選擇權

  • because you need to make money just because you need to make money