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  • I'm Oprah Winfrey, and today I'm going to be reading "The Hula-Hoopin' Queen"

    我是 Oprah Winfrey,今天我要讀的故事是「呼拉圈女王」,

  • written by Thelma Lynne Godin and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.

    這本書的作者是 Thelma Lynne Godin繪者是 Vanessa Brantley-Newton。

  • Today is the day I'm gonna beat Jamara Johnson at hooping.

    今天我要打敗 Jamara Johnson。

  • Then I'll be the Hula-Hoopin' queen of 139th street!

    然後我將成為第 139 號街的呼拉圈女王!

  • Jamara says she's gonna be the queen forever, but last week I almost beat her.

    Jamara 說她永遠是女王,但我上周幾乎快打敗她了。

  • I sort through my hoops and pick out my favorite. And then I feel it comin' on. The itch. The Hula-Hoopin' itch.


  • My fingers start snappin', and my feet start tappin'. My hips start swingin',


  • and I'm just reachin' for a hoop when Mama says...

    當媽媽說:「女兒,妳還記得今天是 Miz Adeline 的生日嗎!」

  • "Girl, don't you even think about it. You know today is Miz Adeline's birthday."


  • Heat washes up over me, and I stamp my foot. Don't get me wrong. I love Miz Adeline.

    我很熱血地站穩腳步,別誤會,我愛 Miz Adeline。

  • She lives right next door. Miz Adeline took care of Mama when she was little, and she took care of me too.

    她住在我家隔壁,在我媽媽小時候,Miz Adeline 很照顧她,現在也很照顧我。

  • She's like my very own grandmama.


  • "But, Mama," I burst out. "I can't help with Miz Adeline's party. I'm supposed to meet Jamara. Today's the day..."

    我說:「但是媽媽我無法幫忙籌備 Miz Adeline 的派對,我和 Jamara 約好了,今天是重要的日子 ...」

  • Mama stands as still as water in a puddle. She gives me her look. Then she hands me a broom.


  • I sigh loudly and start sweeping.


  • But when Mama's not watching, I push my favorite hoop a little closer to the door with my toe.


  • Mama and I dust every room and scrub down the floors.


  • We polish each window 'til we can see clear to New Jersey.


  • After that I peel potatoes while Mama starts mixing up her special double-fudge chocolate cake.


  • "Kameeka, set the oven to 350 degrees," Mama says as she empties the last of the sugar into the mixing bowl.

    媽媽倒入最後剩下的糖到碗裡時,便說:「Kameeka,幫我設定烤箱到 350 度。」

  • "And add sugar to the grocery list."


  • I push the button on the oven and look out the window. It's already getting late.


  • I bet Jamara's telling everybody I'm too scared to hoop her.

    我敢打賭 Jamara 一定告訴所有人我害怕和她比賽,所以沒去。

  • While the cake bakes, we make up plates of fancy sandwiches.


  • Then Mama slices strawberries and shows me how to make whipped cream.


  • When the timer rings, Mama opens the oven.


  • "Kameeka!" Mama yells as she checks the oven temperature. "You only set it to 250 degrees!"

    當媽媽確認烤箱溫度時,大叫:「Kameeka!妳只設定 250 度!」

  • Miz Adeline's birthday cake looks like someone sat on it. Mama says we'll have to start over.

    Miz Adeline 的生日蛋糕像是被某人坐塌了一樣,媽媽說我們必須重做一次。

  • Mama sends me to the store to buy more sugar.


  • On my way out the door, I grab a hoop like I usually do, but when I get outside, I remember that I'm on a mission.


  • Miz Adeline's party will be starting in a couple of hours.

    Miz Adeline 的派對將在幾個小時後開始。

  • Mama has to finish the potato salad, and we still have to make another cake.


  • I don't even twirl my hoop as I hurry down the street.


  • I don't stop to blow kisses to Miss Evelyn or wave to Mr. John in the bakery.

    我沒有停下來給 Evelyn 小姐飛吻,也沒有和麵包店裡的 John 先生打招呼。

  • I'm coming out of the store when I see Jamara and Portia hoopin' on the corner of 139th and Broadway.

    當我走出商店時,我看到 Jamara 和 Portia 正在 139 號的百老匯街角搖呼拉圈。

  • "We thought you weren't coming, Kameeka," says Jamara with a smirk.

    Jamara 笑著說:「我們以為妳不會來了,Kameeka。」

  • I need to get the sugar back to Mama, but Jamara sounds so smug I can't stand it.

    我必須趕快把糖拿回去給媽媽,但 Jamara 驕傲的說話方式讓我無法忍受。

  • "Well, you thought wrong," I tell her. "You ready?" she asks.


  • "I was born ready."


  • And then I feel it comin' on. The itch. The Hula-Hoopin' itch.


  • "Whoever hoops the longest is the winner," Portia says.

    Portia 說:「誰搖得最久誰就是贏家。」

  • As soon as she shouts "Go!" my fingers start snappin' and my feet start tappin'.


  • My hips start swingin', and I just know I'm gonna beat Jamara today.

    我的屁股開始搖擺,而且我只知道我今天一定會打敗 Jamara。

  • Neighborhood kids crowd around as Jamara and I hoop. Cars honk and slow down.

    鄰居小孩都圍繞著我和 Jamara,車子也按喇叭慢了下來。

  • Trucks roar past, throwing up heat and dust from the pavement. Swish, swiggle, swish.


  • Jamara frowns. "You've been practicing some," she says.

    Jamara 皺眉說:「妳一直在練習吧。」

  • "That's right, girl." A grin greater than the Brooklyn Bridge stretches across my face.


  • The sun moves between the buildings, and the sidewalk starts cooling down, but Jamara and me keep on hoopin'.

    太陽已經移動到兩個大樓的中間了,人行道也開始冷卻了,但 Jamara 和我還在搖呼拉圈。

  • "I've got doughnuts for Miz Adeline's party," Mr. John calls out as he closes up the bakery.

    John 先生邊關麵包店邊說:「我為 Miz Adeline 準備了甜甜圈。」

  • Swish, swiggle, swish, swiggle.


  • "Miz Adeline's cake!" I shout.

    「Miz Adeline 的蛋糕!」我大叫。

  • My hoop clatters to the sidewalk. I grab it and the sugar, and race up the block.


  • I can hear Jamara laughing behind me.

    我可以在背後聽到 Jamara 的笑聲。

  • By the time I reach our apartment, Mama is madder than a hornet. "Kameeka Hayes!" she scolds.

    當我到家時,媽媽非常生氣地大罵:「Kameeka Hayes!」

  • "I'm sorry, Mama. I saw Jamara and--"

    「我很抱歉,媽媽,我看到 Jamara,然後就 --」

  • "Girl, I don't want to hear that Hula-Hoopin' nonsense. It's too late now. Miz Adeline's already here.

    「我不想聽到呼拉圈的事情,現在已經太遲了,Miz Adeline 已經來了。

  • You take yourself on into the living room and explain to Miz Adeline why she won't have cake for her birthday."


  • Miz Adeline brought her own music, and she's got it turned up loud.

    Miz Adeline 帶了自己的音樂,然後她的音樂很大聲。

  • She's sitting and listening to a jazzy blues tune, noddin' her head like a spring robin looking for a worm.


  • "Hi, Miz Adeline," I say. "Happy Birthday." "Kameeka, come here, baby. Give me a kiss."

    我說:「嗨,Miz Adeline,生日快樂!」「Kameeka,我的寶貝過來,給我一個親親。」

  • I come in close and kiss Miz Adeline's soft cheek.

    我走向 Miz Adeline,親了她的臉頰。

  • Then I whisper in her ear, "You don't really like cake much, do you?"


  • "Baby girl, you know I sure do love cake. Chocolate cake with strawberries and real whipped cream on top."


  • She pats my arm. "Oh yes, that is my favorite cake." Miz Adeline smiles at me.

    她拍打我的手臂,Miz Adeline 微笑著對我說:「沒錯,這就是我最愛的蛋糕。」

  • I try to smile back, but my heart is racing as fast as the roller coaster at Coney Island.


  • I can't tell her about the cake just yet.


  • Pretty soon the neighbors start arriving.


  • Miss Evelyn's wearing her Sunday church hat, and Mr. John's all spruced up in a pin-striped suit.

    Evelyn 小姐戴著星期天教堂的帽子,John 先生穿著條紋西裝。

  • Jamara and Portia sashay in with their parents. They're still carrying their hoops from earlier today.

    Jamara 和 Portia 和他們的父母一起來,他們仍拿著剛剛的呼拉圈。

  • "Girls, I don't want to see any hoops," says Mama firmly to Jamara and Portia. "Okay, Mrs. Hayes," says Jamara.

    媽媽堅定地向 Jamara 和 Portia 說:「女孩們,我不想看到任何呼拉圈。」,Jamara 說:「好的,Hayes 阿姨。」

  • She flashes her big, smirking smile at me. "Kameeka, you're about done with hoopin' after today, aren't you?"


  • I smile right back at her. "Don't you bet on it, Jamara."


  • Most of the presents are still unopened when Miz Adeline says, "Well, I do believe it's time for birthday cake."

    大多數的禮物仍未開封時,Miz Adeline 說:「是時候吃生日蛋糕了。」

  • I swallow hard.


  • "Miz Adeline," I say slowly. "We made a cake, but it didn't turn out right.

    我緩慢地說:「Miz Adeline,我們有做蛋糕,但沒有做好。

  • Then we needed more sugar to make another one, but I didn't get the sugar back to Mama in time 'cause I was hoopin'.


  • I was trying to beat Jamara so I could be the Hula-Hoopin' Queen of 139th Street.

    我想打敗 Jamara,這樣我就可以成為 139 號街的呼拉圈女王。

  • It's my fault there isn't any cake.


  • "No cake?" says Miz Adeline, raising her eyebrows.

    Miz Adeline 挑眉說:「沒有蛋糕?」

  • I look over at Jamara. She's spinning one of Mr. John's doughnuts round and round on her finger like it's a Hula-Hoop.

    我看著 Jamara,她把 John 先生的甜甜圈套在她的手指轉圈,就像在搖呼拉圈。

  • Suddenly that gives me an idea.


  • "I'll be right back," I yell as I race from the room.


  • In the kitchen I set a chocolate doughnut on a pretty plate. I add whipped cream and strawberries.


  • Mama comes in to help. I put a candle on top, and she lights it.


  • As I carry the doughnut cake to Miz Adeline, Mama starts singing "Happy Birthday," and everyone joins in.

    當我將甜甜圈蛋糕端到 Miz Adeline 的面前時,媽媽開始唱生日快樂歌,然後大家也跟著唱。

  • The candle glows as bright as the smile on Miz Adeline's face.

    蠟燭就像 Miz Adeline 臉上的微笑一樣明亮。

  • "Wow, this is just about perfect," Miz Adeline says, taking a bite of her doughnut birthday cake.

    Miz Adeline 說:「哇,這個好棒!」,她咬了一口甜甜圈蛋糕。

  • "Now, Kameeka, did you say you were hoopin'? When I was a girl, I was the best Hula-Hooper on this block."


  • "Adeline, don't you start that nonsense," Miss Evelyn says as she marches on over to us. "You know very well I was the best."

    Evelyn 小姐向我們說:「Adeline,別胡說八道,我才是最棒的呼拉圈女王。」

  • Miz Adeline looks at me. "Baby girl, why don't you bring some hoops on in here and let me show this old girl what she forgot."

    Miz Adeline 看著我說:「寶貝,拿出妳的呼拉圈,讓我秀一下,喚起這個老女人的記憶。」

  • My eyes find Mama's. She shakes her head.


  • But Miz Adeline's already pushing back chairs to make room. Then she slips a hoop over her head.

    但是 Miz Adeline 已經將椅子退後,空出空間,然後她將呼拉圈從頭上套下。

  • And right then I know.


  • Miz Adeline's just like me. She's got the itch. The Hula-Hoopin' itch.

    Miz Adeline 就跟我一樣,她也有呼拉圈之癮。

  • Her fingers start snappin', and her feet start tappin.'


  • Her hips start swingin', and before we know it that hoop is swishin' right around Miz Adeline's waist.

    她的屁股開始搖擺,呼拉圈開始在 Miz Adeline 的腰部轉圈圈。

  • Then she's got it swingin' around her neck.


  • I glance over at Mama and see a smile pulling at her lips in spite of herself.


  • Miz Adeline shimmies the hoop down past her knees.

    Miz Adeline 從膝蓋轉呼拉圈。

  • She spins it around her ankle as she hops on one foot, then the other.


  • With the hoop still swishin' round and round, Miz Adeline heads for the door.

    呼拉圈持續地轉啊轉,Miz Adeline 走向門口。

  • Miss Evelyn grabs one of my hoops, and Mr. John grabs another.

    Evelyn 拿了一個我的呼拉圈,John 先生拿起另一個。

  • Even Mama's hips are swingin' as the whole party spills out on to the street.


  • Everybody's got the itch. The Hula-Hoopin' itch.


  • Pretty soon hoops are swishin' and swingin' all the way down the block.


  • "Kameeka, this is the best birthday party I've ever had!" Miz Adeline hollers.

    Miz Adeline 喊叫:「Kameeka,這是我過過最棒的生日派對了。」

  • Jamara hoops on over to me. "Kameeka," she says. "I know who the real Hula-Hoopin' Queen of 139th Street is."

    Jamara 向我說:「Kameeka,我知道誰才是真的呼拉圈女王了。」

  • "I do too," I say.


  • Jamara settles her hoop around her waist. "You ready, Kameeka?"

    Jamara 把呼拉圈環繞在她的腰上說:「Kameeka,妳準備好了嗎?」

  • "I was born ready," I say.


  • The sidewalk is cooler than a spring rain, and the streetlights shine like stars.


  • Swish, swiggle, swish...

    搖擺、搖擺 ...

  • The end.


  • Well, the reason I wanted to read this story to you all is because I love Hula Hoops so much,


  • and it was one of my favorite things to play with when I was a girl. And even now, as a full-grown adult,


  • I have my own Hula Hoop, I have actually several Hula Hoops,


  • and I have an emoji that is an avatar of myself with a Hula Hoop.


  • And whenever anything fun, or special, or really fantastic happens in my life,


  • I go out and I get my Hula Hoops and I swish, swiggle, swish.


  • Thanks for watching Storyline Online.


Welcome to Storyline Online, brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

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