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  • Detention Trivia

  • Note:there's no jumpscare or any types of scary things in this video,enjoy.

  • Trivia #1

  • "Detention" was released on 2017.January 13

  • January 13 is the exact same day as the day

  • when Chiang Ching-kuo,the former president,died

  • In 1987. July 14

  • Ching-kuo announced a presidential decree that martial law

  • was lifted in Taiwan region from July 15 12:00 a.m.

  • However

  • Taiwanese people had kept waiting for the coming of this day for 38 years

  • This year,2017,is the 30th year after the martial law was lifted

  • Trivia #2

  • There are many sprays in this game

  • and there are some easter eggs hidden in these spray

  • Like this one, it says "I love Wang guang-hao"

  • Wang guang-hao is the level designer

  • and this one says ""Dong dong is buffing the banana"

  • Dong dong is one of the creators called "jiang dong yu"

  • and there is a dickbutt painted on this wall

  • If you didn't know what Dickbutt is,I'll show you right now

  • As what it means......

  • you have to google it by yourself

  • Trivia #3

  • In the game

  • this biggest monster is actually the image of the instructor

  • It is taller than any other monsters in the game

  • that symbolizes that instructors had higher status when the martial law still existed

  • Instructors was also known as "The shadow of principal"

  • Sometimes, they got more power than a principal did

  • In that period

  • the principal would tell the students

  • be cautious that bandits might be around youduring the morning assembly

  • On top of that

  • Instructor White looks like Ma Ying-jeou,the former president.

  • [Don't get afraid in adversity](Prnounce like"Goofy"in Chinese)

  • Trivia #4

  • The promotional video of Detention

  • was filmed in the former site of Taichung Municipal Dongshih Industrial High School

  • Since 921 Jiji earthquake,it has been abandoned.

  • and because it is located in the mountains

  • there are many rumors

  • Some people have even decided to come here and commit suicide

  • Trivia #5

  • If you have play the first song in the audio cassette

  • you probably don't know what it is

  • but as you rewind it

  • you will notice that it's actually the National Flag Anthem of Taiwan

  • The second song is the old style National Gymnastic Exercise

  • but I believe that most of us listen to this version

  • Who on earth can help me solve this problem I have had already when I was a elementary school student....

  • WHO in the world is Lucy?

  • the third one is a section of broadcast in Taiwanese

  • and they give the correct time in Chungyuan Standard Time

  • it was called Chungyuan Standard Time when the Taiwanese nationalist government was still in China

  • Nowadays,only few of radio stations would give the correct time in that way

  • and the last,

  • I believe that if you are Taiwanese,you should be very familiar with the last song

  • ,it is The Torment of a Flower

  • The Torment of a Flower was banned during the time when martial law still existed in Taiwan

  • Do we actually forget about this or get too afraid to recall what happened

  • which is more terrifying? is the game itself or what people think in their mind?

  • I will see you next week in our next Detention Trivia....

  • Hey..don't you think this ending theme is a little bit unsuitable?

  • .....ah never mind….

  • 英文翻譯:檸檬 レモンん

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Detention Trivia


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