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  • (electronic music)

  • - Now and come and meet my pack!

  • (chilled music)

  • - And this is actually a pack walk.

  • We got, I think like eight, nine different species here

  • including dogs, so--

  • Today I get to be the leader.

  • We get to switch positions to see if we can all play

  • pole positions so,

  • it's nice man, it's nice you know.

  • Woo!

  • (ambient music)

  • - [Camera Operator, Peter] Who are you bringing on the pack walk?

  • - One of Calvin's ducks.

  • (laughter)

  • Controlling the sheep,

  • and making sure that the donkey, the pony,

  • are keeping stride with Cesar.

  • - Well people should go on pack walks

  • because it's the natural human instinct

  • to move and travel like nomads,

  • and it's in our DNA,

  • and even the ancients had to get around somewhere

  • and their best companion was either a mule,

  • a dog, any species that was around them at the time,

  • like horses,

  • it stimulated their instinctual needs, so,

  • it's just healthy,

  • it's human nature.

  • - [Peter] How many days a week

  • should you go on a pack walk like this?

  • (inspiring music)

  • - So let's not worry too much about

  • what's going on on my leg, okay?

  • - [Peter] Jaimito, what's this new fashion you go going on?

  • - It's called the drip!

  • (laughter)

  • - Come on, Apollo, come on, go, go.

  • Come on.

  • Good boy, good boy!

  • - Going with the flow of the pack.

  • They are being integrated so they're always--

  • we're putting them in the follower state.

  • - [Cesar] (in Spanish) Jaimito, talk and work!

  • You see how I get distracted?

  • Then it influenced the pack.

  • It took them out of the follow mentality.

  • My energy got distracted. It dropped.

  • One thing that he showed me very well.

  • - This is dog walking 2.0.

  • Fitness, socialization,

  • house broken, why?

  • Because they've got somewhere else away from home,

  • they're gonna pee and they're gonna poop,

  • so you get to--

  • kill three birds with one.

  • Fitness,

  • social, different species,

  • and to release the waste

  • which is gonna help them get back home

  • and feel perfectly fine,

  • no physical energy they have to deal with,

  • the mind is something new

  • and they pee and they poop away from home.

  • This is the quack leader!

  • This is the quack leader!

  • How can we accomplish this?

  • It's all about energy and understanding the psychology

  • of each individual species you want to connect.

  • How many species are on this video?!

  • (laughs)

  • (inspiring music)

(electronic music)


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B1 中級 美國腔

十種不同的動物如何一起行走 (How Ten Different Animal Species All Walk Together)

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