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  • Welcome back to the miniseries people fucked up by Bulls this fella thinks his fighting his little brother

  • He's trying to hold the bull by the head so it can't touch him

  • But he trips over and the bull says fuck you for treating me like a toddler

  • Why is that guy waving his flanno around? Whatever the bull ignores it..there's a takedown followed by a massive ground-and-pound

  • No one has the balls to referee this fight. You just have to wait for a bull attack to blow over

  • He's happy though

  • isn't he? He's jogging to the pub Look at that well-dressed man get fucked up

  • He's got a tinder date to go to now

  • This guy is running full speed and tries to jump up the wall that was a piss-poor

  • Effort he has a vertical leap of about 10 cm The bull is just trying to give him a boost it's lending a helping horn

  • Yeah off he goes fucking change direction

  • Here the bull says hey mate have you ever thought of becoming a gymnast? I can teach you to do a backflip

  • Here comes some more gymnastics training for this bloke. He immediately wishes

  • He was a fetus doesn't he His mates are like quit being a fetus run

  • He says that hurt more than I ever thought it would and fucked on again

  • He has the greatest tunnel vision in the history of mankind

  • Meanwhile back on the streets run old man. Ah

  • Say good day to the chiropractor for me. You drongo.

  • There's a big hit He got nicely shit mixed there, and you're fucked mate

  • You're fucked look at that the guy there with these umbrella,his red tracksuit. He's got a little ponytail

  • There's no action that happens here. I just wanted to point him out cuz he looks like a fucking cool guy

  • They've got umbrellas, too

  • Don't come near me or I'll hit you with me Brawley which does sweet fuck all against a want a roly-poly?

  • I'll give you a roly-poly... weeeeeee

  • Crikey, he's not moving down there

  • I think he's dead have I just chucked a Logan Paul and put a dead guy in me video..shit

  • Oh, no. He was faking. It. Well played top notch idea. He's okay

  • It's beer o'clock at the pub for him as well look at this young fella

  • He takes a dive like his favorite soccer players, and he's pretty happy about that

  • He's like the girls at school are totally gonna give me a handjob now. He was actually on his way to get a coffee

  • This guy is gonna get away. No the bush has devoured him no one has ever seen him again

  • I think he's stuck in the upside down. What's this all about there? No. get fucked you bloody cheat

  • That was cheating this bull is more of a car person. It's a car person bull. It's a car person

  • What's going on here the tourists!! The tourists gets a cracked open head! He's like Oh dear me dear me

  • What happened?Where am I? I arrived in Portugal an hour ago Now.,I've got blood on my face

  • Fuck me fuck me. Are you gentlemen aware that there's a bull on the road? There's a big fuck-off bull?

  • I hope my Allianz travel insurance covers this,I'll just check the paperwork now. No, I've got to keep moving

  • Oh fuck the bull is coming back

  • Here the bull rams into a whole group of people and it's another old man that gets hammered

  • Why do old men take such big risks his mate is like are you okay? He's like yeah

  • Yeah, I'm good besides all this shit in my pants. Oh this fella

  • Just took one to the head hasn't he a big hoof to the head?

  • Oh, well at least he gets to go to the pub now. Yeah, I reckon I reckon he gets an all-day pub pass

Welcome back to the miniseries people fucked up by Bulls this fella thinks his fighting his little brother


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Ozzy Man評論。人F#%ked Up由公牛#2 (Ozzy Man Reviews: People F#%ked Up By Bulls #2)

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