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  • You probably recognize this.


  • It's a Lightning cable.

    這是 Lightning 傳輸線。

  • They're everywhere.


  • In 2012, we said goodbye to 30-pin, and Lightning became Apple's main connector.

    2012 年時,我們向 30-pin 道別,而 Lightning 成為蘋果主要的傳輸線。

  • But, seven years later, it's on only two types of devices: iPhones and lower-end iPads.

    但七年後,Lightning 只在兩種裝置上使用:iPhone 跟低階 iPad。

  • When Apple introduced the Lightning connector, Phil Schiller said: "So much has changed since we first created that 30-pin connector."

    當蘋果推出 Lightning 傳輸線時,Phil Schiller 說:「從 30-pin 被創造以來,改變了許多事情。」

  • Now, the same is true of Lightning.

    現在,同樣的事也發生在 Lightning 上。

  • Apple's connectors have become fragmented.


  • In 2018, it unveiled the new iPad Pro with a USB-C port instead of Lightning.

    2018 年時,蘋果推出了新的 iPad Pro 搭載 USB-C 而非 Lightning。

  • But when Apple updated its lower-end iPads in March, they kept the Lightning port.

    但當蘋果在三月更新低階 iPad 時,它們保留了 Lightning。

  • So now some iPads use Lightning, and some use USB-C.

    所以現在有些 iPad 搭載 Lightning,而有些搭載 USB-C。

  • MacBooks also use USB-C.

    MacBook 也搭載 USB-C。

  • But still, the iPhone comes with a Lightning to USB-A cable.

    但,iPhone 仍然配備 Lightning 對 USB-A 傳輸線。

  • So you can't even plug your iPhone into your MacBook without buying a separate cable.

    如果沒有另外買一種傳輸線,你將無法把 iPhone 連接到 MacBook。

  • Somehow, Apple's most important product is the odd one out.


  • To be clear, Lightning was a good connector seven years ago.

    澄清一下,Lightning 在七年前是個好連接器。

  • It transfers power and data, it was faster than 30-pin, of course, it's reversible, the connection is super secure, and replacement cables are really easy to find.

    它可以傳輸電力與資料、速度比 30-pin 快、正反面都可連接、資訊傳輸超級安全,且替代線材相當容易找。

  • The problem is that it's proprietary, so few devices actually use it.

    問題是,Lightning 是蘋果專有的,所以只有少數裝置真的使用它。

  • This forces you to buy dongles and carry around extra cables.


  • But it's not just a minor annoyance.


  • Because it's a proprietary connector, official Lightning cables and accessories are often more expensive than the USB-C equivalent.

    因為 Lightning 是專利傳輸線,官方線材與配件通常比同功用的 USB-C 線材來得昂貴。

  • These higher prices can lead consumers to buy noncertified cables, which might not function properly and could even damage your phone.


  • And Lightning's starting to show its age.

    且 Lightning 也開始出現老態。

  • The standard hasn't been significantly updated in the seven years it's been around.

    Lightning 的規格從它七年前出現後就沒有顯著的更新。

  • Most Lightning cables transfer data at USB 2.0 speeds, although there are some reports of USB 3.0 speeds with newer models.

    大部分的 Lightning 傳輸線為 USB 2.0 的傳輸速度,雖然有消息稱某些新規的 Lightning 有 USB 3.0 的傳輸速度。

  • But we don't really know how fast Lighting is.

    但我們並不清楚 Lightning 的真實傳輸速度。

  • Since it's proprietary, Apple doesn't have to release all of the specifications.


  • It just feels weird to buy a cable that can transfer data without actually knowing how fast or slow it will be.


  • Regardless, Lightning is no longer a fast connector.

    總之,Lightning 已不再是條快速傳輸線。

  • If only Apple had a faster standard they could use.


  • You're right, Thunderbolt 3 is frequently used by Apple, and at 40 gigabits per second, it's way faster than Lighting.

    還真有,蘋果現在頻繁使用 Thunderbolt 3,傳輸速度為 40Gpbs,而這比 Lightning 快多了。

  • It also supports things like external hard drives and displays.

    Thunderbolt 3 也支援外接硬碟與顯示器。

  • And of course, it uses the ubiquitous USB-C connector.

    當然,它使用現在隨處可見的 USB-C 連接器。

  • But Apple has been reluctant to adopt USB-C on all of its devices.

    但蘋果並不願意所有產品都採用 USB-C。

  • Now, you may be thinking, why do I need fast data-transfer speeds?


  • It's just my iPhone-charging cable.

    只是條 iPhone 充電線不是嗎?

  • Transferring large files to your iPhone isn't something every user needs.

    不是每個用戶都需要在 iPhone 上傳輸大型檔案。

  • But the included Lightning cable doesn't even support fast charging, a feature found on almost every new Android phone.

    但 Lightning 連快速充電功能都不支援,一個在安卓大家都有的功能。

  • And it's notorious for breaking or fraying.

    且 Lightning 因容易壞而惡名昭彰。

  • It's almost inevitable that you'll need to buy another cable.


  • Even with all of its flaws, a world without Lightning might still seem strange to you.

    雖然 Lightning 有那麼多缺點,但若 Lightning 不復存在也蠻怪的。

  • But Apple has a long history of ditching features before users are ready to say goodbye.


  • And having different connectors throughout their products is very un-Apple-like.


  • It goes against the it-just-works ecosystem they try to promote.


  • Switching the iPhone to USB-C would unify their products.

    將 iPhone 也改為 USB-C 可以統一它們的產品。

  • But that would also force Apple to say goodbye to the money it makes from licensing the Lightning standard to third parties, while also frustrating users who have purchased various Lightning dongles and accessories.


  • We'll have to wait until September's iPhone event to find out if Apple will finally say goodbye to Lightning.

    我們得等到九月新 iPhone 的發表會才能得知蘋果是否真的告別了 Lightning。

  • Recent reports have predicted that the iPhone will have USB-C.

    近期報導預測新版 iPhone 將會使用 USB-C。

  • But we've been hearing these types of rumors for a while.


  • And, currently, it's still just speculation, based on an image in the iOS 13 beta.

    且目前這只是個從 iOS 13 測試版圖片得來的推測。

  • Between 30-pin and Lightning, Apple has had its own connector for over 15 years.

    從 30-pin 到 Lightning,蘋果已擁有自己的傳輸線超過十五年了。

  • So a lot's changed, and it's time for the connector to evolve, and that's just what we've done.


  • Just like in 2012, Apple needs to evolve.

    就像在 2012 年所說的,蘋果需要進化。

  • One day we'll look back at Lighting with the same nostalgia we have for 30-pin.

    總有一天我們會對 Lightning 產生像對 30-pin 一樣的懷舊感。

You probably recognize this.


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