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  • Written in stone every rule, every word

  • Centuries old and unbending

  • Stay in your place better seen and not heard

  • But now that story is ending

  • 'Cause I, I cannot start to crumble

  • So come on and try Try to shut me and cut me down

  • I won't be silenced You can't keep me quiet

  • Won't tremble when you try it

  • All I know is I won't go speechless (speechless)

  • Let the storm in I cannot be broken

  • No, I won't live unspoke

  • Cause I know that I won't go speechless

Written in stone every rule, every word


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B1 中級 美國腔

納奧米斯科特唱SPEECHLESS - 阿拉丁擴展剪輯 (Naomi Scott Sings SPEECHLESS - Aladdin EXTENDED CLIP)

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