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  • The only way to be truly satisfied

  • Is to do what you believe is great work.

  • And the only way to do great work

  • is to love what you do.

  • If you haven't found it yet, keep looking

  • and don't settle. As with

  • all matters of the heart,

  • you'll know when you find it.

  • Sometimes life is gonna hit you

  • in the head with a brick.

  • Don't lose faith

  • I'm convinced that the only thing

  • that kept me going is that

  • I loved what I did

  • You've got to find what you love

  • So you have to trust that the dots

  • will somehow connect in your future

  • You have to trust in something,

  • your gut, destiny, life, karma, Whatever

  • because believeing that the dots

  • will connect down the road

  • will give you the confidence

  • to follow your heart

  • even when it leads you off

  • the well worn path

  • and that will make all the difference.

  • Your time is limited, so

  • don't waste it living someone else's life.

  • Don't be trapped by dogma

  • which is living with the results of

  • other people's thinking

  • Don't let the noise of others

  • opinions drown out your own inner voice

  • And most important have the courage

  • to follow your heart and intuition

  • They somehow already know what you truly

  • want to become. Everything else

  • is secondary.

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The only way to be truly satisfied


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史蒂夫-喬布斯勵志演講--史蒂夫-喬布斯的最佳演講--1分鐘勵志演講 (Steve Jobs Inspirational Speech - Best of Steve Jobs - 1 Minute Motivation)

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