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  • Yo, I want to share some tips with you, on how to really really really carve


  • The reason I can do some pretty rad buttering stuff is because I have awesome edge control

    我想要跟各位分享一些關於 如何做真正真正割彎的技巧

  • And that's a direct result from being able to Carve


  • By learning to carve great you'll truly be riding your board to its potential, and it'll make everything you do on your board better

    因為我有很棒的鋼邊控制技術 而這也是有能力割雪的結果

  • Almost every trick on jumps involves carving off of the take-off and in the pipe, it'll help tremendously, too

    藉由學習好割彎 你才有辦法完全發揮雪板的性能

  • So assuming you're already more skilled than the average nerd on the hill

    同時也讓你在雪板上做的各種招式技巧 更加精進

  • Who's just side slipping down you can already link your turns pretty good then these tips will help?

    幾乎所有跳台的招式 起跳時 都使用了割彎的技術

  • Get you carving better and take you riding to the next level

    在半管滑行中 也有相當大的幫助

  • If you've seen snowboarding in Warren Miller films of the 80s and 90s you might think this is how you should carve


  • Riding a bowl or cracking a whip that's dogshit


  • Look, how much fun I'm having


  • Same thing here. I'm swinging my arms and head around to try the turn that's dog shit

    這些訣竅將可以幫助你割彎做得更好 同時將滑行技術提升到另一個層次

  • Right here. I'm keeping my shoulders at my sides with my torso straight up and down like a corpse or zombie that's dog shit

    如果你有看過八九零年代 Warren Miller 拍攝的雪板影片

  • So first tip have a silent upper body


  • Do this by twisting the shoulders and torso to face down the hill along with bending the knees and torso a bit.


  • This allows your lower body and board to be quick dynamic and responsive underneath you


  • Practice making quick little turns like this while keeping the upper body silent these aren't carves yet

    你看! 我真是樂活

  • But a little get the upper body ready for them


  • Next with pointing the board straight down the Hill


  • point and Flex your feet


  • To get your board on its sides which will cause the sidecut of the board to do these miniature carves underneath you


  • Again focus on keeping the upper body in position and simply having the board Rock back and forth with letting the board side cut do

    死命的把肩膀夾在兩側,上半身直挺挺上下作動 像是屍體還是僵屍一樣

  • all the work


  • once you got a good feel for how your side cut responds then gently start to push and maintain pushing against the side cut to

    所以 第一個訣竅:

  • Get the board making nice Carves across the Hill


  • You really want to keep driving pressure into the edge of the board and if you're doing it right,

    將雙肩及上身轉向下坡的方向 同時膝蓋、軀幹微彎

  • You should feel it in your legs

    這樣一來 可以使你的下半身及雪板的反應更加敏捷

  • Next I want you to try to combine the previous two things by making small

    像這樣練習: 作快速小轉彎的同時上半身的動作盡量減少

  • mini Carves in the middle of Big carves while cutting across the Hill

    這還不算是割彎 不過你的上半身可以藉此為割彎暖身

  • so it'll be a big toe side carve and


  • Add a quick little flex in it and finish the toe side car heel side carve coming across the Hill


  • Quick Little point back to the Flexing heel side carve toe side carve


  • quick Little Flex and back to the toe side

    因而讓鋼邊的弧度 在你腳下產生這些小轉割彎

  • Stay in your comfort zone, but once you feel confident with your carves try them at higher and higher speeds


  • So give these tips a try in that order, and I'm sure you'll be making better turns and carves in no time. Good luck

    將重點放在保持上半身的姿勢 靠著鋼邊弧線的作用

Yo, I want to share some tips with you, on how to really really really carve



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如何真正真正的雕刻雪板。 第1頁 (How to really really really carve a snowboard. Pt #1.)

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