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  • [President Obama] Hello everybody, right now theres nothing more important

  • than getting the economy moving and putting Americans back to work. Thats why I sent

  • Congress the American Jobs Act, a bill that independent economists have said would grow

  • the economy and lead to nearly two million jobs over the next few years. Last night a

  • majority of United States Senators voted to advance this jobs bill. But even though the

  • American Jobs Act contains the kind of proposals Republicans have supported in the past their

  • party used Senate maneuvers to block this jobs bill from moving forward.

  • They said no to more jobs for teachers, no

  • to more jobs for cops and firefighters, no to more jobs for construction workers and

  • veterans, no to tax cuts for small business owners and middle class Americans. Now a lot

  • of folks in Washington and the media will look at last nights vote and say, Well

  • thats it, the bill is dead. Lets move on to the next fight. Ive got news

  • for them: not this time.

  • Not with so many Americans out of work not with so many families struggling to get ahead.

  • I will not take no for an answer and I hope you wont either.

  • This fight will go on. In the coming days

  • we will force members of Congress to vote on the individual proposals in the American

  • Jobs Act. Theyll have a chance to vote on whether they believe we should keep teachers

  • out of work or whether we should put them back in the classroom where they belong. Theyll

  • get to vote on whether they believe construction workers should stay unemployed while our roads

  • and bridges fall apart. Or whether we should put these men and women back to work rebuilding

  • America.

  • Theyll be forced to decide whether we should cut taxes for middle class Americans

  • or let them go up next year. In fact thats exactly what one of the leading Republican

  • Presidential candidates suggested we do during last nights debate: allow taxes to rise

  • by up to a thousand dollars next year for struggling middle class families. Thats

  • not how you build an economy where middle class families can get ahead. Thats not

  • how we put people to work. And we dont have to except that future. I certainly wont.

  • Last night I had a chance to sit down and

  • have a beer with some construction workers in Orlando, Florida. These are the people

  • this fight is about: proud Americans who want the chance to work hard and get ahead.

  • There are construction projects all across this country that they could be working on

  • right now. The only thing standing in their way is this Congress. We can change this.

  • We have to change this but its up to you.

  • Already so many of you have done so much to fight for this jobs bill, and I want to thank

  • you for that. But now we need to push even harder. Its your voice that will make

  • a difference to those Senators and Congressmen. Youre their boss and only you can make

  • them do their jobs. So if you want action on jobs make yourself heard: make a call,

  • write a letter, send an email just dont give up. After all were Americans and

  • we dont quit. We stand up for what we believe in and we get through the tough times

  • together.

  • With your help we can do that right now. We can put people back to work. Give this economy

  • the jolt that it needs and start building an America with a growing, thriving middle

  • class. So lets get busy. Thanks.

[President Obama] Hello everybody, right now theres nothing more important


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